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In Which I talk about Dating my Daughters


For the next 12 weeks, there’s going to be a couple evenings each week that I’ll be parenting solo until late into the evening or supper will be much later then our normal time.  Hello chamber orchestra and teaching. It’s part of the deal of having a daddy and husband in school and teaching. It could be a big deal. I could feel sorry for myself.

Or I could use this time to date my daughters. 

It’s a new twist on an old concept. Spending intentional quality time with my girls.


It’s not something I’ve done with any schedule or plan before, normally it just ended up as a way to redeem a not so great day.  We read books by lamplight on my bed. I cut their nails and let them choose which colors they want me to paint their nails.

It’s special. My 17 month old  can’t stop moving, wriggling and giggling in utter delight. My 3 year old snuggles close to me and smiles. 

All is well in their little world. All is well in my world. Whatever else happened or didn’t happen that day is forgotten in the snuggles and smiles.


 But now every week we’ll be having a girls night in our home. Dinner will be casual, food that my girls enjoy. Food like apple sandwiches and yoghurt with blueberries. We’ll have candles. It’ll look different every week. We may fold laundry to the music of Birdy and then cozy up to watch a music video of her singing. We’ll have popcorn and watch an episode of Madeline on Netflix.  The girls may have a long bubble bath with bath paint or crayons. Or we might read a stack of books on my bed by lamplight. I’ll be sharing a list of our favourite read-alouds soon.


I’m excited.  I love how these evenings will help me (hopefully) keep on track with being an intentional mother. I know this time will go by SO fast, I want to remember these simple days and fill my girls’ lives with love, truth, and a little sparkle. 


Do you date your children? What are some of your favourite  things to do together? Favourite foods? I’m going to need some more ideas!

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  • rainydayinmay January 22, 2013, 1:37 pm

    That’s such a GREAT idea! I love it… Looking forward to reading it. (came here by way of Wordpress btw. and you caught my eye because I ALMOST used this very template and decided to wait until March. )Not sure why… Anyway, GREAT post! Even with my youngest being 13, I need to think outside of the box with time for her. it’s never too late.

  • Ted January 23, 2013, 5:05 am

    My 5-yr old Briana stated the other day that she is sad when Mommy and I go out because she wants to go out with me sometime. That was heartwarming and tear jerking at the same time. So, we went to church together to her delight while Mommy stayed home with the boys nursing them back to health. She also wants flowers since I get them for Mommy. Quite the little romantic.

    I don’t often take them out but we often spend time together reading Little House books or watching their choice of movie (which right now is the How to Train your Dragon shorts); dancing in the kitchen to their choice of music; building Legos together; playing memory games, trouble, or uno; sometimes just wrestling and laying on my back throwing them up with my feet over and over. Hide and seek is one of their favorites.

    I had to ask Briana’s forgiveness yesterday for my angry voice while correcting her and by the evening, she was snuggling with me saying I was her favorite Daddy – such complete trust and loyalty I would never want to betray.

    • Breanne :: This Vintage Moment January 23, 2013, 6:38 am

      That is so beautiful, Ted. I love Briana’s wishes to be with you and have flowers. Just like her mom.
      Her favorite Daddy comment is adorable.

      Why, oh why are we so far from you guys?!

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