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a portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2014 

Blogging while traveling has its challenges. Blogging while traveling with littles and being with people all the time has its own set of challenges.

My words are mostly used up in conversations that will never be recorded anywhere except our memories. Late-night conversations, around the fire conversations, kayaking down the river conversations. I love this project, this collection of weekly photos and it’s doable because I always have a camera at hand.  I want to live out what I write about here, the being and the savouring the moments, the time away from the screen. 

We’ve been with my parents for the last week, down in the very bottom of Alberta. The sunsets are just as incredible as I remember, and we watch the storm clouds roll in and out and plan our days according to the weather.

My girls have nearly gotten over their fear of chickens and all live animals- spending time with both grandparents who have farms helps a lot with that.

My four year old was thrilled to find a pair of rubber boots that fit her and an oversize raincoat so that she could keep ‘helping’ her Nana with the chicken chores.

My two year old found a lifejacket, called it a dress and continued dancing and twirling her way beside the chicken tractors. She’s made friends the calves and thinks their noses are soft.

I’ve had time to sit on my parents’ deck with a cuppa and just be. Wander along the gardens and admire once again my mum and sister’s green thumbs. I’ve asked for clippings from my mum’s house plants and made notes of herb garden ideas.

It’s been a good week and now we’re onto BC and Vancouver Island adventures!

Do you slow down over summer? 

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  • Krista June 12, 2014, 8:35 am

    It sounds like such a happy, relaxing time. 🙂 I do slow down over summer, simply because it’s so very, very hot. 🙂

    • thisvintagemoment June 12, 2014, 11:33 pm

      I love how the seasons call for their own routines and it does seem so hot there! =)

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