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First Day of Spring and Butterflies



This is not a crafting blog. It never will be. I love to create beautiful things for my home but I don’t get jazzed about writing how I created them step by step. There are some really awesome blogs out there that do that. And there’s always Pinterest to help find those blogs.

I don’t have a craft room set up with all sorts of little do-dads. I don’t always have access to a car that I can hop and browse the aisles on Michaels or a thrift store. I don’t think up new projects inspired by the season.

I’m inspired by others. I’m inspired by my girls. I’m inspired by what I do have and the simple beauty that surrounds me every day. 

Butterfly collage

I saw an idea for watercolour butterflies and at first glance, it seemed like a great thing to make with the girls. We would paint one day and make butterflies the next. A craft that they can do and that I could display.

But it involved a printer and more fussy details then a three year old could manage. Or I could manage while wrangling a three year old and a 18 month old.

So, we browsed a local store in search of a butterfly. We found a lovely one all sparkly and covered with sequins. We brought it home to the delight of my sparkle-loving girl. I used the butterfly as a template on random bits of scrapbook paper I had. We made a whole flock of butterflies. They were lovely! 

The girls had free range over some paper and scissors while I traced the butterflies and then they watched as I glued the butterflies on tiny clothespins.

Kilmeny carefully carried all her baby butterflies to the front room where we attached them to the twigs. We may have done a little singing and dancing when all the butterflies were pinned on to their new home because we do the sort of thing to celebrate.

I was celebrating letting the girls help with almost every step of the project (and not being to concerned about getting it perfect) and the girls were celebrating because they were happy. 


To make your own butterflies:

Trace butterflies on paper, (you can find a template online, draw it free hand or trace a butterfly). I like using stiff scrapbook paper but really any paper would work.

Fold wings slightly towards body.

Glue the butterflies on tiny clothespins (I got mine at Michaels) with hot glue gun.

Attach onto any available surface. We have a large glass vase with twigs in it on our mantle, we just pinned the butterflies onto any twigs in a slightly random fashion.


Happy first day of  Spring!! Here’s wishing you flocks of butterflies and spring blooms wherever you are. We’re currently blanketed with snow but I have hopes of spring soon.




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  • ramblingtart March 21, 2013, 5:38 pm

    What a perfectly splendid and cheery idea, luv! 🙂 I would be so happy to see my house full of butterflies! xo

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