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Welcome to summer! A simple celebration idea

One of my soft goals this year was to celebrate well. Not just the birthdays and Christmas but the in-between celebrations of Spring coming and Autumn’s first crunching of leaves and the entrance of glorious Summer.

Partly inspired by this picture I saw in my Instagram feed and partly inspired by my love of all the summer paraphernalia hitting the shelves, I’m planning a Welcome to Summer party with my little family.

summer celebration || this vintage moment

I’ll be buying the girls new sand buckets and shovels, flip-flops and sunglasses. I’ll be re-stocking our bubble toys and buying (or making) a big jug of bubble mixture. We may add a soccer ball to the mix since one of my girls is obsessed with the idea of soccer and is forever asking to get on a field and kick some ball. I’ll be taking out the beach bag and refreshing its contents as well.

It’s no different then I do any other summer but this year I’m making it a big deal. I’ll wrap those buckets up gift-basket style with a few more treats inside. We’ll have a picnic supper and ice-cream cones and wipe sticky watermelon juice off sun-kissed little faces.

I’m treasuring this year of my girls being little, of them loving new treasures from the dollar store and sparkly flip flops. I’m aware of how fast time marches on and even though this is an exhausting season of training and teaching, these are the days. I want to celebrate every single one of them. The big ones and the ordinary, beautiful ones.

This would be the perfect way to welcome kids home from the last day of school or to kick off a vacation or any excuse to throw a summer-themed party.

Do you celebrate the beginning of summer? What would be in your gift bag? (mine would involve cold drinks, books and a giant umbrella for this Irish skin of mine!)



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  • Krista May 28, 2015, 8:54 am

    A welcome Summer party sounds WONDERFUL! 🙂 I’d have to include a big hat (hats are essential here, even for non-Irish-skinned lassies) in mine, something marvelously flamboyant. 🙂

    • thisvintagemoment May 29, 2015, 5:10 pm

      If one must wear a hat, I think it should always be marvellously flamboyant! =)

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