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(this one is for the mothers)

There’s something adorably sweet about the love of little children. They love with messy abandon, wet kisses on the mouth and neck squeezes so tight when you linger for just one last bedtime hug. They whisper their secrets, their hot breath tickling your ear and they make endless pictures for you.

I have a stack of scribbled love notes on my desk and a portrait of me taped to the bookshelf. The artist, Kilmeny, age 4. I know it’s me because of the giant B. They are treasures all and I love them.

But if I were giving love gifts to all the fabulous mothers I know this Mother’s Day, my list would be filled with items that last beyond the bouquets. They would be filled with love, just not the sticky faced kisses kind. They could be worn (or used)everyday, because everyday is extraordinary and is worthy of celebration of notice. 

this one is for the mothers || this vintage moment


SHE IS shirt 

Perfect with jeans or skirt, (or practically anything) this shirt proclaims the strength we have in God and the ability to embark on this intense journey everyday. Plus there are some adorable little shirts for matching with your daughters. I’m crushing on the grey tee or the classic black and white tee. 

Lisa Leonard Necklace 

Personalized with names or gemstones, these necklaces are particularly beautiful and memorable for remembering all your babies, not just the ones you hold in your hands. I wear one of her necklaces nearly every day and have my eye on this one and this one. PSA- you do need to order by Friday! 

Noonday Collection Accessories 

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but every time I see one of the Noonday products, I could really get into jewelry. This is such fantastic company for so many reasons but one that is especially dear to my heart is that they work with women in vulnerable countries to create sustainable jobs and communities. You can help another mom provide for her family simply by purchasing a necklace. These aren’t cheap but they are deeply meaningful and so beautiful. I love the colour pop of this one. 

this one is for the mothers || this vintage moment

Naptime Diary for Moms 

This is a simple little book that I wish I had gotten five years when I started this motherhood gig. Every glimpse I’ve gotten of it has been both encouraging and beautiful. It’s also easily portable and can be slipped in a purse for park time or early morning quiet time. Designed to strengthen and encourage moms, this may become my go-to gift for new mama friends.

Rambling Tart Kitchen Shop

These are beautiful, one of a kind, wood-burned kitchen tools (and much more). I love my spatula- it’s practical and beautiful, always a winning combo in my books. I love her big wooden boards, perfect for slicing up bread or showcasing a cheese board. These ship from Australia but until Friday, May 1, any order over $50 ships free, worldwide.

this one is for the mothers || this vintage moment

Jamberry Nails Wraps

I love the pizzazz of painted nails, I don’t love the chipping of nail polish just a few days later. I had a chance to try out Jamberry nail wraps and loved them! They last for a couple of weeks and there’s so many great designs and colours. There’s a sweet Mother’s Day set available now as well as lots of other wrap designs if pink and floral isn’t your thing. These are a great way to incorporate a little self-care as well as beauty into the days after Mother’s Day.


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