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7 Things I learned in July

Linking up with Emily Freeman to share the things I learned in July:

1. I don’t blog in the summer. I just don’t and the world doesn’t stop spinning because I hardly post on my blog. I’m outside, at the beach, staying up way too late with a book (or a child) and having evening jam making sessions in my kitchen. I’ve tried to blog at night but after a full day of momming and doing life,  I have no words left to share publicly. It’s been a nice break and a needful break though unintentional. I’m on instagram a lot, it’s my favourite social media outlet- find me there @breannemosher.

7 Things I learned in July || this vintage moment

2. There is always something that sucks and something that is wonderful in every season. For the past few months Jared has been working a late shift which means we have most of the days to spend together which has been wonderful. We’ve done all our exploring as a family and we’ve lingered over coffee almost every single morning. But we don’t spend our evenings together and I’ve became a bit of a pro at doing bedtime solo. It’s changing up again and I’m excited to be back on a bit of ‘normal’ routine.

7 Things I learned in July || this vintage moment

3. Jam making is a lost art. But it doesn’t have to be that way. My mum taught me and I’m so glad she did. I made jam with a friend and she’ll teach me how to knit this fall. Both arts are best passed on person to person and the results are wonderful.

4. Rest is hard but good. A few months ago my naturopath confirmed that I have adrenal fatigue and laid out a plan of action- how to rest properly and how to start the rebuilding process of my adrenal glands. I say no a lot, consider carefully any yes I do say and then focus on the simple things like reading and being outside with my girls. It’s changed my summer and for the better.

7 Things I learned in July || this vintage moment

5. There is such a thing as too many beach days. We’ve had a string of cool, rainy days and it’s been nice to just stay home and get caught up on home chores.

6. This season of motherhood is my favourite- my girls are independent, conversations with them are fun and entertaining, and their help is actually beneficial to me.

7 Things I learned in July || this vintage moment

7. A night away by a lake feels like a lot longer then just 24 hours. We spent a wonderful night away with friends at their cabin- they fed us amazing food, we went out in boats, the children played and played and we talked steadily. It was so refreshing and we can’t wait to do it again.


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  • Rachel August 2, 2015, 7:52 pm

    My aunt and uncle live on a lake just an hour and a half from my parents’ place. They’ve got a standing invitation for us to stop by for a night on our way out to visit my folks. It took a few years for us to take them up on it, but I’m so glad we finally did. There’s something so refreshing about a lake front, even if it’s only for an evening and a morning and it’s too cold to swim. Glad you have a haven to visit too!

    • thisvintagemoment August 3, 2015, 5:23 pm

      Oh that sounds so lovely and how refreshing to have that to look forward on a road trip!

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