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A Notebook of Happy // Vol 3


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I had every intention of blogging along the way as we drove across this great country of ours, I was going to tell stories from the road and share pictures. I brought the laptop along and didn’t open it once, except for a family movie night one night while we were camping. I learned that I’m not a very good instant writer, I need to let things process a little before writing about them.

So for now, here’s what making me happy on a hot, hot afternoon in July:

Iced coffee. This feels like such an obvious but I’ve never been into the drink before and now I can’t get enough.

Having our own house with a yard! This is our first summer in our house and it feels so luxurious to send the girls outside to play or set up a little pool on the back porch. Watering the hanging baskets each day has become my new favourite morning routine. I loved being on the road but I’m so glad to be home now and getting acquainted with our home all over again.


Traveling. I have so much to share from our big trip, the pictures and stories. It was long, it was hard but it was so worth and also really fun. This was our last big trip for awhile and I’m so glad we did it.


Friendships. One of my highlights from our trip was being able to see so many friends and family. There were many late night conversations, and snippets of talks while the kidlets played. I don’t think I’ve talked or shared that much in a 5 week period for a long time. We’ve moved a lot in our 7 years of marriage and it’s been hard to settle into community but this trip showed me just how rich we are in friendship, across the country.


Podcasts are always part of my mama care strategy, I get to learn from smart people, laugh and be inspired. I also got to be a guest on Anne’s podcast, What Should I Read Next, which was so fun! I loved chatting books with her. I shared about it everywhere but not here on the blog. You can listen to that episode here. 

Book clubs! I’m part of three different book clubs right now, all very different from each other and it’s been one of those surprising delights of life. I’ll share more about one of them soon.

I’d love to hear what’s making your list of happy right now, what are you drinking, listening to, and reading this summer?

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  • Marne July 31, 2016, 8:46 pm

    Loved you in WSIRN, and not just because you pronounce “about” the way I do! ( I grew up on the Maine/NB border). I will seek out Jane Eyre to read again given your description.

    • thisvintagemoment August 5, 2016, 12:20 pm

      I’m so glad you listened to the podcast and found me! I hope you enjoy Jane Eyre! =)

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