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June Goals {and a May recap}

It’s another month of new goals and recapping last month’s goals. I love the heart behind these goals, goals with grace. I’ve never been a huge goal setter, I get overwhelmed by the bigness and then don’t do anything. But I have a direction I want to go and a place I want to end up and little goals each month help me move towards that place. Once I write these out and think about where I want to go, it helps set the direction for the days and weeks.

I’m excited to set a few simple goals for this month, inspired by and linking up with Hayley.


tulips in the Boston Public Gardens

A look back on May’s goals:

1. Fill up on Grace – this is an on-going process. Learning to live with grace and extending that grace to others. It’s not a measurable goal and I think that’s okay.

2. Be Present – keeping my phone in my purse/room really helps with this. I’ll grab a snap and then put it away and focus on those we’re with.

3. Travel Well – being sick did not make this easy but I’m learning to take care of myself on the road, go to bed early, and remember that I help set the tone.

4. Finish up the Blog’s Re-Design – Done and Done!!! So excited about this one! Huge thanks go to my husband for making this goal happen and taking on a lot of the project himself.



my big girl with her flowers from a mountain hike and my little one with her favourite purple ice-cream

And on to June’s Goals!

1. Take a family photo shoot on the beach– we’ll be on the beach with my sister and brother in law and I plan to take advantage of others to take the photos and get a little more then what we can get with just using the self-timer.

2. Be Present – this one holds true again. We’ll be traveling, interacting with lots of people and being our own little family. I want to  be present and focus on the relationships right in front of me. I’ll be honest, this is a lot harder then I thought. There’s a million different ideas and thoughts swirling around in my head. Being a mum to my little girls (one who loves her routine and finds travel hard some days and one who absolutely loves all the new places and people) and investing in the people I’m with can get exhausting if I don’t take time out to just be quiet. Being present is also about being quiet by myself.

3. Travel Well– yup, grabbing this one as well. Remembering I set the tone for when it’s been a long day of walking or car time, when plans don’t turn out as anticipated or there’s any number of random curve balls.

What are some of your goals for this month? How do you make quiet time when surrounded by people? 


:: I’m not blogging as much during our travels (the whole be present thing) but I’m on instagram (mini blogging) and would love to connect with you there! I’m @breannemosher ::

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  • Ashley Wells June 2, 2014, 3:00 pm

    Be present. Yes! I’ve been working on this perspective shift lately in my own life.

    • thisvintagemoment June 2, 2014, 4:31 pm

      It makes such a difference, doesn’t it? Here’s to more of that for both of us. XX

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