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A Less and More Christmas

My tea is beside me, steaming and spicy. I’ve changed up my normal black tea for chai spice with a splash of store-bought eggnog. It feels indulgent and Christmasy. The baby is still sleeping upstairs and the girls are happy as larks in their mostly empty playroom.

There are still paper scraps on the floor from this morning’s snowflake and airplane making extravaganza, the couch is missing all its’ cushions but one because there were forts that needed to be made and the house smells amazing because I’m drying apple slices for a garland.


I read an old post of mine recently, from three years ago called Sparkle and Light: a December mindset. I wanted to hug that old Breanne. She was wonderful and all the things that she wrote about and did with her two little girlies were perfect for that season. I’m not that Breanne anymore. My little girlies are far more into independent play then that me could ever have imagined. The day has finally arrived when I don’t wake up to cut hair and kitchen messes, and quiet is now (sometimes) a really good thing.


The snowflakes were cut out this morning by my six year old. She made a heap and had such a jolly time and it made me so happy. I sliced up apple stars to dry because apparently this is my year to make ornaments from food – I’ve already made an orange and cinnamon stick garland and it makes me so happy.

I’m not declaring a “Sparkle and Light” December, although I love that idea. No, this year I’m declaring a mindset of “Less and More.”

Less doing the things I feel I should do and more the things we want to do. Less pictures posted on Instagram and more “in-the-moment-mom.” Less fussing over the messy bedroom and more seeing the loving relationship forming between my girls. Less go-go-go and more holding my baby, dancing with him to Christmas music and just sitting and being.


We’ll do less baking; only the really special ones that we all like – and that means rolling out sugar cookies because that is what my girls have been asking to do for weeks. We’ll do less real crafting together but more time creating together because we all have our own ideas of how things should look. We’ll do more outside time even when it’s cold because it’s so good for all of us. We’ll do less book school and more Christmas school: my version of an Advent calendar this year, because we all need a break. We’ll do more delight learning – reading books! making cookies! going to an old-fashioned farm!


The ice is being prepped at our local outdoor skating rink and I can’t wait for snow to fall so we can go snowshoeing and then cozy up with books and cocoa. Together.

I’ve already bought all of our Christmas gifts and just need to order our family pictures online and slowly start sending those out. There’ll be less shopping and more being. It’s been a big year for our family, full of adjustments and adventures and we’re all in need of quiet days.

I hope your December is everything you need it to be, full of all the things that make this season twinkle bright for you; hosting parties or decorating cookies or creating a soft place for your people to land.

And I hope that you have some time to be quiet by a Christmas tree, with a mug of something hot and delicious and ponder the Hope and the Light and the baby Jesus who came to give us life.


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  • Krista December 5, 2016, 5:18 pm

    I just want to sit and look and look at these pictures. 🙂 How beautiful and homey and cozy and Northern. 🙂 After a horrendous, and I do mean horrendous, heat wave, this morning I woke to a lightning show, then gentle rain, and now lovely cool breezes and a dark grey sky. I needed this so much. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful holiday, my friend, with so much love from Australia. XO

    • thisvintagemoment December 5, 2016, 8:40 pm

      Oh that warms my heart and makes me so very glad. I can only imagine what a heat wave would be like, so exhausting.
      Much love to you and Bear. XO

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