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Finding Online Inspiration {5 New-to-Me Blogs}

It seems like blogging is both a dying art and yet complete alive in many areas. Most people (myself included) will just write a longer instagram post and call it a mini-blog. I can easily scroll through my instagram feed while feeding Kieran and it is by far my favourite form of social media but I do love words and reading a little more then just a paragraph. For me, it’s also about surrounding myself with wise woman in my village, we may not all live next door to each other but we can share life online. It’s certainly not perfect and is only ever a small picture of the everyday reality.

This year some of our big changes were starting to homeschool and having a third baby, both of which are huge and important  yet they can also be lonely. I reached out to my real life tribe, exchanging many texts with my sister (who lives across the country) and we spent hours talking through our crazy homeschool while pregnant and then newborn life. I went on weekly nature walks with a local friend partly so that our five kidlets could run wild and free in the woods, observing the changes of the seasons, but also so that she and I could have adult conversation in the middle of our school week.


And I added several new accounts to my Instagram feed and clicked over to their blogs whenever I had a few more quiet minutes to read.

Here are the five new-to-me blogs that I’ve been reading lately when I have a need of some inspiration in our homeschool life and some solidarity in the adjustment to three children.

Erstwhile Dear by Rachel 

Rachel lives in Boston with her three daughters, her baby is just a few weeks older then Kieran, and she shares snippets of their life through words and pictures. I love Boston so much and have always wondered what it would be like to live there, with young children. Rachel makes it seem magical and do-able. I also feel a sense of companionship as she shares what life with three little kidlets is like.

Investing Love by Alicia 

Back in January when I was healing from Kieran’s birth and wondered how on earth I was going to homeschool with a newborn, I read copious amounts of Alicia’s blog. She is the mother of four children, homeschooling and making a home in Minnesota. Her instagram feed is realistic yet visionary and her blog is just an expanded version of that. Her children are older then mine and I feel comfort in reading someone else’s story, just further down the path.

Learning Well Community – Inspiration for Homeschooling Parents 

This is a community started by Alicia, it is just the sort of site that makes me happy as we finish out our homeschool year and plan for next year. Homeschooling can be hard and yet the absolute best choice, that’s what I’ve found this past year and I’m grateful to soak up good words from those who’ve been doing it a little longer then I have.


Lindsey Kubly – A Stylish and Simple Life 

Lindsey’s third child was born just a few weeks before Kieran and I have loved reading along as she’s shared snippets of their adjustment to three kidlets, the books she’s reading (herself and to her children) and simple self care. She’s just ahead of me in the postpartum stage and though our personal style is different, I love reading how she’s finding her style again after pregnancy. Her blog is simple and always inspiring.

Cloistered Away by Bethany 

Bethany is a homeschooler, photographer and mother to four children. I want to live in basically all of her photos and always come away feeling filled up and ready to love my family with food, simplicity and good books. She doesn’t candy coat life and speaks to the hard places as well. Whether you’re a homeschooler or not, her blog breathes refreshment.


I’d love to hear what blogs you’re reading these days!


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  • Rachelle April 29, 2016, 2:02 am

    I don’t have a lot of blogs I follow, but I love yours, and I’m also enjoying Holy Experience, and Mandy at Life your way. They just unexpectedly had their 6th right around the same time we had Cassie, they had four girls and then two boys, and I can relate a lot to her life right now.

    • thisvintagemoment May 1, 2016, 8:17 pm

      I really Mandi at Life Your Way too! I mostly keep up with her on instagram but enjoy her thoughtfully written posts. I’m so glad you commented. XO

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