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Purple Houses, Lost Soothers and Ocean Views

I rocked my baby to sleep, admiring the sunset reflecting off the quiet harbour and bring the already vibrant house colours to life. I wished I could capture it but my hands were full of an almost sleeping baby and there was no way I could capture what I wanted without leaving our hotel suite.

Purple Houses, Lost Soothers and Ocean Views || this vintage moment

Purple Houses, Lost Soothers and Ocean Views || this vintage moment

I was rocking my baby to sleep because on one of our earlier walks, he had lost his soother and I failed to realized that until hours later when we were cozied up in our hotel room. His sisters were asleep in another room, they fell asleep quickly because the previous night they were wide awake for hours past their usual bedtime.

But despite the lost soother (and travel on Easter weekend in a seasonal town meant no stores were open to buy another), a sick child and the bedtime that didn’t really happen, it was still worth it.

Purple Houses, Lost Soothers and Ocean Views || this vintage moment

We’ve done this sort of travel for years whether it’s been an escape to the mountains on a long weekend or tagging along when Jared has a work-related trip in another city. It’s a little bit crazy sometimes to get five people out the door for two nights, get everyone settled the first night when there’s so much excitement of a hotel room with view (and a TV) and of course the challenge of finding a place that serves good coffee.

This past weekend we traveled to Lunenburg, a UNESCO heritage town just under a hour from we live. It’s filled with old houses, most with their building dates and original resident noted. The oldest house is from 1760 and was home to a German family. Every street is sea of colour- bright reds, blues, yellows, pinks and purple. There is always something interesting to see- lobster traps and fishing boats, four colours of paint on one house and a life-size mural of a blue whale.

Purple Houses, Lost Soothers and Ocean Views || this vintage moment

Early Saturday morning we sauntered out to the only cafe open, The Savvy Sailor, and throughly enjoyed Lunenburg bennys- poached eggs on fish cakes with hollandaise. With a view of the ocean and a baby who slept the whole time, it was practically perfect. We headed out to find the bookstores, two out of the three were open, and we browsed happily. I found the missing book to complete my Emily trilogy and a lovely book for an upcoming baby shower. We were all smitten with Lunenburg Bound, a used book and paper store with huge windows, floor to ceiling bookshelves and short descriptive notes on the one shelf of new books. Not to mention the four vintage typewriters that I wanted to bring home.

Purple Houses, Lost Soothers and Ocean Views || this vintage moment

We always choose to spend money on one meal out and hit up the local grocery store for food to eat in our room. It makes it more manageable with small children- no paying for a meal that they hardly eat plus no stress of constant restaurant behaviour. Plenty of walks along the colourful streets and waterfront, fun snacks to accompany cozy afternoons of colouring and movies- it was a slow, relaxing weekend away from our normal routines and we returned home rejuvenated and ready to go on a slightly longer trip.

Purple Houses, Lost Soothers and Ocean Views || this vintage moment

Travel, it’s one of those things that makes all of us feel alive and adventurous. And something that we’ve found totally doable with small children as long as there’s plenty of snacks and coffee. Is it easier to stay at home sometimes? Always but the shakeup of our regular routine and spending time together as a family in another place is more then worth it.

What are your favourite places to go and things to do while traveling?

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  • Krista April 1, 2016, 3:15 pm

    I’m SO glad you got to have such a lovely, quick adventure. I’ve been doing similar jaunts, realizing that long trips aren’t a good fit for this season of my life. I’ve gone camping, had a girls weekend where we went to see Sound of Music on Broadway, things like that. So fun. 🙂 xo

    • thisvintagemoment April 2, 2016, 2:51 pm

      Weekend trips really are so fun and can be just as fulfilling as a long trip. Yours sound wonderful especially the girls weekend to see Sound of Music! =)

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