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My name is Breanne.

Tea drinker extraordinaire. Obsessive simplifier. Incurable bibliophile.

Mum to two beautiful girls and a baby boy. Companion and wife. World-traveler. Christ-follower.

Insatiable explorer of the everyday extraordinary.

I write to capture the little moments in every day that happen to us all; but are easier to miss, to forget, or take for granted than not.

Writing about those little moments makes me personally more aware of the small beauties happening minute by minute all around us. A perfect little raindrop sitting for a short few hours undisturbed on a leaf. My cold hands wrapped tightly around a warm, steaming mug of freshly brewed (ethically sourced) tea. The sunlight dancing on the golden curls of my littlest, or the spark of knowledge gained in my oldest girl’s eyes.

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In our hectic, technology driven, stopwatch controlled 21st century lives, it’s hard to just press pause on the craziness of life, and stop to enjoy it. But that’s what this blog is all about.

I can’t stop time; but I can slow my life down so I don’t miss all those moments.

Come here for a breath of fresh air in your busy day, for thoughts on quiet, and join me for a hot cuppa as we sit for a few moments each day to remind ourselves of the small things, the real things, the beautiful things that turn the gray into colour, that create memories that last a lifetime, and that make the everyday something extraordinary.

The kettle is on, and the tea is waiting…