a portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2014 

This was my favourite blogging prompt and link up to join in last year. I got the big camera out almost every week and took pictures of my girls, and watched them grow and change over the course of the year. Their baby scrapbooks still sit unfinished and I’ve fallen behind in my weekly journals to them but this, this moment-capturing once a week I can do. It helps that I blog it because of the public accountability and all.

My big girl turned four (!!!) just a couple weeks ago and she is no longer a little girl. She’s my big girl, long and lanky (remind me of this in five years when she’s actually my big girl) I’m sure she’s grown four inches in the past year. She loves all things ballet, princess, pink and sparkly. She’s mellowed out so much and is so fun to actually converse with. She loves one-on-one time with us, even if its just picking up milk and eggs from the farm. She is our extrovert and loves being with people.

My little 2 year old is definitely  not a baby, her word count has grown so much this past year and insists on being called a little girl. If she needs some attention, she will not hesitate to loudly say ‘guys! talk to me!’. She loves being cozy and she always sleeps with one specific blanket. Heaven help us, when it needs to be washed. Purple is her colour and her birthday is in August, two things that she knows with utter certainty. She loves her tractor and her pink dump truck but often uses them to give her little dolls a ride. She is our introvert, taking time to make friends and preferring to just be with me until she warms up to other people ( a months-long process sometimes!).

I won’t be writing this much each week or posting so many pictures but I wanted to share a little more of these moments with them at the beginning of the year because I know there will be changes in 52 weeks!

How do you capture the moments? Pictures, journals, scrapbooks? (if you scrapbook, any tips on finishing mine up would be appreciated!)

joining up with Jodi of Practising Simplicity for Project 52 

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