tree, christmas

a portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2013

We got our Christmas tree from the farm market we visit weekly, they know us there and always have the biggest smiles for the girls. We let the girls run around the lot, looking and smelling and choosing the tree that would come home with us.

Kilmeny is thoughtful these days, stroking the needles and saying it was soft. And ‘I think, this one, mummy! Oh look at ALL THE TREES! Oh, it is Christmas time now.’

Khaira was happy just to run free, touching the trees with the point of her finger and then running some more. Laughing and shrieking.

They both thought the twinkly lights were so beautiful and loved hanging up the ornaments we made together. 

I let them hang up ornaments wherever they pleased and then my husband and I finished off the tree while they looked at Christmas books and shrieked over all the pretty new decorations.

We always order pizza in the night of the tree trimming and eat pizza off paper plates by the light of the Christmas tree. It’s fun and a little crazy but that’s how memories are made. 

What are your tree-trimming traditions? Do you have a real or fake tree?

linking up with Che and Fidel for Project 52 

also, you may enjoy this post on ten holiday photos not to miss, it’s what prompted these photos!

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6 thoughts on “48/52

  1. We have a fake tree but someday I want to try a real one… I’m afraid of the mess/maintenance and it sounds like WAY more work to string lights, make it stand up straight, etc. I like the ease of assemble, plug in, fluff the branches, hang ornaments. ;-) I just LOVE the fresh tree smell. I didn’t grow up with a tree (we did heaps of decorating, just no tree) so this year is only my third time decorating this way so it’s all still very new to me.

  2. So much fun and such marvelous memories. :-) Our tree tradition is to get a live fruit tree then plant it in our garden after Christmas. :-)

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