A Simple Gift List for Little Girls

A couple of weeks ago my sister wrote up a Simple Gift List for Little Boys (go read it here!). Today I’m excited to share my Simple Gift List for Little Girls.

This Christmas season is exciting for me because my girls are old enough to remember last year (my oldest) and to get caught up in everyone’s excitement (my youngest). It’s also a little crazy because they know about the gifts. And they are so fun to buy for. That whole thing about children avoiding the stores….I find that is true about myself as well. Even though I am a simplistic person especially when it comes to my children’s toys, I still  struggle sometimes  with wanting to buy them all.the.things. that would delight them. But then the voice of reason (my husband or the after-effects of over-stimulated children) remind me that less really is more and that encouraging their creativity, imagination and ingenuity are some of the greatest gifts I can give them. 

We love open-ended toys in our home, toys that encourage creativity and can be used a million different ways. Toys that are made of natural products and that can be added to as the girls grow.


Here is my simple and sweet gift list for little girls:

Dollhouse – we are giving a wooden dollhouse (similar to this one) to our girls this year, at almost 4 and 2, they will have many years of happiness from it. This

Green Toys Dump Truck  – it’s purple and pink and perfect for the little girl who likes playing with cars. My two year old loves her yellow tractor and she would love this truck. I’m a big fan of the Green Toys Company- their colours are soothing and they are all recycled products. Plus they’re really cute.


Tea Set - Also made by Green Toys, this has been one of my favourite gifts for our little girls. Our oldest got it when she was two and it has been well-loved for two years.

Stacking Toys – while we’re on the Green Toy theme, let me also talk about these toys. I got these for my Khaira’s first Christmas when she was all of four months and they have proven to be a winner. They have gentle colours, stack together and can be used for everything from bath toys to sand toys to find the purple toy. Both girls still enjoy them and I would totally give them to any little child.

Princess/Fairy Wand – last year I made these ribbon wands for party favours and this year these star wands will be in my girls’ stockings. They are super simple to make, cost hardly anything and provide hours of delight. Plus they are pretty.


Dress-up Clothes/Play Silks –  Long scarves, lengths of silky fabric and tulle skirts are so delightful. Add some hats picked up over time at the thrift store or inherited from a great aunt. I keep an eye out for fun additions at the thrift store and gradually build up a dress up collection for my girls.

Nail Polish/Hair Accessories – I’ve used this nail polish for years and love it. It’s non-toxic, natural, and doesn’t smell. I love painting my girls’ toes and letting them use it (under supervision). They also love hair stuff especially when it’s sparkly and colourful. I wish I had an awesome Etsy site to point you towards but I don’t. I took advantage of Ardene’s 5 items for $10 to stuff their stockings with headbands and clips and they will be over the moon. (If you have a homemade source, share it in the comments!)

Paper Dolls/Magnetic Dolls – My sisters and I all got Dover paper dolls one year for Christmas and we loved them! My girls are a little young for real paper dolls but Melissa and Doug have a magnetic dress up doll that is perfect for little fingers. There is a wide variety of dolls (my three year old fell in love with this ballerina doll).

Building Blocks - these aren’t gender-specific but they are well-loved by my girls. They got them from a thoughtful uncle and aunt last year and they have been used for everything -building houses, play food, little people, colour sorting and tower building. I love them as well.

That’s my short and sweet list, what would you add?

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6 thoughts on “A Simple Gift List for Little Girls

  1. Brilliant ideas. :-) From my own childhood I would add legos and homemade play-dough. I have such fond memories of playing with both of them. :-)

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