Sparkle and Light: a December Mindset and Goals

I loved setting goals last month! I set low and achievable goals because I know myself. I know I can get really fired up and think big when I’m setting goals but often don’t work out the steps to make those goals happen. So last month, I set achievable goals,  it was really fun to look back over the month and realize that I had made them happen.

November and the first week of December are busy, intense weeks for our family. It’s the end of the semester for my husband which means late night studying and practicing sessions. December is our deep breath, a time to slow down, to snuggle in close as a family and enjoy being a little more free with our schedule. 

It’s the Christmas season and there are parties to host and cookie swaps to attend and gifts to buy and parcels to mail. It is super easy to get caught up in the bustle and forget to slow down. It’s also a birthday month, my oldest turns 4 just three days after Christmas so there’s a special day to plan for her.

sparkle and light

I’m heading into this month with anticipation and delight, filling our days with sparkle and light. And I’m calling it my December mindset. My little girls don’t need a stressed mummy who is trying to bake all the things and make everything perfect. I want to remember the magic of the first real snowfall with them and make time to play when it comes. I want these few weeks to be light, not overly scheduled or stressful. We’ve got some big decisions around the corner in the new year and I want to be able to enjoy this time without worrying about the future.

And I want this space filled with sparkle and light! I may not be posting as much because you have places to go and people to see as well. But there’ll be some gift list ideas and some favourite recipes shared. I’ll talk about the favourite books I’m reading to the girls and the music we’re listening too and I’ll want to know your favourites too. And there’ll be a fun little giveaway as well because what is Christmas without giving.

My goals for this month are simple. 

1. Read the Word each day with this Advent guide It’s just a random pin that’s been copied from somewhere but I’m following along with it and would love to know where it’s originally from. (People, pin with respect!!)

2. Do an activity from our Advent calendar each day.

3. Take an off-screen break. We did this last year for a week and it was so refreshing. We skyped with family for Christmas and sent a few texts but for the most part our phones were off and we were not on social media. It’s hard at first but it is so worth it and I’m looking forward to it again this year.

4. Keep it sparkly and light-filled. In our home, in my thoughts and in my interactions with others.

That’s it! I’m joining up with Hayley of The Tiny Twig again (thanks for the idea and motivation!) and you can check out all the other goal posts and add your own there.

Or tell me about them here. What are your goals and mindset for this month? 

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2 thoughts on “Sparkle and Light: a December Mindset and Goals

  1. My goals are simplicity and quietness. :-) I too hope to take a good chunk of time away from computer/phone/etc. I did that last year as well and it was bliss. :-) XO

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