What I learned in November

I’m linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky where we share all the things we learned in November.


1. I love the water during the summer months but there is something breathtaking about visiting the water on a grey day when there are whitecaps and a chilly wind. It refreshes me and brings all the great British novels to mind.

2. I enjoy creating. Food, decor, words. I’ve hot glued bay leaves to make a tree, I’ve hand sewn felt to make star wands for my daughters’ stockings, I’ve hung felt stars and crocheted snowflakes from a driftwood branch and I have felt so alive while doing it.

3. Potty training is all about when the child is ready and requires constant vigilance and encouragement. Actually that’s true about all parenting.

4. Reading is my favourite quiet activity. I read several novels this month by a new favourite author and loved them all. I would far rather curl up with a book then almost anything else in the quiet of the evening. I knew this but really found it to be true this month.

5. Taking a break from the screens is incredibly freeing and like a breath of fresh air. I know this but I’ve gotten out of the habit of taking a weekend break. I deleted all the social media apps from my phone and left in my bedroom. I left the laptop closed except for a few minutes and just read, created and enjoyed just being. Definitely going to make this more of a habit even though it’s hard at first.


6. Twenty-eight is a great age. It’s young but not too young and I feel like I have a greater permission to be myself rather then trying to fit into other people’s molds.

7. Taking the time to make a good cup of coffee is worth it. I love my coffee but too often I rush the process and make an okay cup of coffee. We spent a few days last month with friends who are coffee geeks and they made some good coffee. So I’ve been  making an effort to measure it all (the beans, the temperature, and the brew time) here at home does make a difference. And a much better cup of coffee.

8. Setting simple, do-able goals is empowering.I wrote about some of my goals for the month of November here, prompted by Hayley of The Tiny Twig and I kept them! We did light the candles every night, the laundry was done almost every day and I focused more on meaningful connections. It was enriching and enlightening. I often think of goals as great big mountains to climb and those kind of goals are great but smaller, daily goals are empowering. Baby steps up the mountain!

What did you learn in November? 

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8 thoughts on “What I learned in November

  1. Hi Breanne! Just found your blog through the link-up and it is just precious! I’m right there with you, there’s something beautiful about water when it’s cold. I also enjoy creating and the Christmas season has brought on all sorts of inspiration. And oh man, my kingdom for a good cup of coffee, it is SO HARD to go back once you have the good stuff!

    I love your site and will definitely be back! I look forward to getting to know you better! :)

  2. Ok, you’ve challenged me with two things….taking breaks from the screen and do-able goals. I’m on it! I’m already with you concerning reading….there’s just nothing like it. I’m having a meltdown waiting for my library card to arrive (see my November list). Thanks for sharing.You have a charming site here. Blessings….

  3. Hi Breanne! That picture of your girls having coffee is amazing! I love it :) How great that you were able to meet your goals! I was inspired to make a goals list too, but I went overboard and made too many that were not specific enough, and honestly, they were not fun enough! I loved Hayley’s goal of finding the perfect pine candle – a simple and enjoyable goal.

    • Thanks so much for saying hey! My girls love their coffee/hot chocolate and come by that love honestly. ;-)
      I started writing out much lofty goals but replaced them with ones that I knew I could actually accomplish and wanted to get done every day. After burning candles each dinner, I’M on the hunt for a perfect candle for December….=)

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