sleeping baby


Some days I really can’t believe that I get to live where I do, that within a (reasonable) drive we can be at the ocean. The ocean was alive today. Full of beauty and splendour  and in my three year’s old words, ‘adorable’. She also kept clasping her hands, sighing and delighting in the beauty. She is clearly my daughter.

We didn’t stay long outside the car, letting the wind whip our hair around, because it was a chilly day and my littlest was napping in the car. I love that she still does that and I want to remember just how quickly she falls asleep after a long day, crumbs on her rosebud lips and curls everywhere. 

Peggy’s Cove is one of my favourite places in this province, there’s a house I daydream about living in there. I visit as often as I can, letting the water soothe and inspire me. And my daughters. 

linking up with Che and Fidel for Project 52

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4 thoughts on “47/52

  1. Gorgeous pictures! So real, I’m almost there…I can hear the waves crashing and feel the wind and that thrilling sense of being so ALIVE! I love wind…and water…and sunshine.

    Glad you had such a beautiful day!

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