Ten on Ten: September Edition

Joining in with Rebekah at A Bit of Sunshine, looking for the beauty in the ordinary by taking ten pictures over ten hours on the tenth of the month. Here’s a bit of our day!


tenonten (1 of 3)





tenonten (2 of 3)

tenonten (1 of 6)

tenonten (1 of 1)

tenonten (3 of 6)

tenonten (4 of 6)

tenonten (5 of 6)

tenonten (6 of 6)





tree (1 of 1)


1. I’ve been trying to get up early and run several times a week, and the morning sunrises are incredible. I make it to the top of the hill and soak in the light (and catch my breath!).

2. Water, almonds and a little quiet reading before the house wakes up.

3. Time to do hair! I adore doing hair and feel so blessed to have TWO little girls who need their hair done.

4. Morning smiles.

5. Tuesdays are my favourite. My husband has no classes and teaches violin from home in the morning which means we have a little time to linger over coffee together.

6. We painted rocks yesterday and there they sat, all day and night waiting for someone to put them away.

7. Textures in the laundry!

8. Little girls live here.

9. A visit to the coffee shop and a new wool shop in town and a few hours of quiet. Bliss.

10. The colours are starting to change around here.

What beauty did you notice today?


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8 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: September Edition

  1. How I love your girls eyes. :-) Absolutely gorgeous. :-) Beauty today was warm, warm sunshine, running into dear friends in town and having good visits and promises of coffee, holding hands with Bear on the drive home, scent of jacaranda blossoms on the wind, sunrise over the valley, coffee date with my love, new contacts in Australia that seem like they could become friends. :-)

    • Oh, I loved hearing about your day!! So much good beauty in it. Meeting people who could be good friends made me smile, I know that feeling well.
      So glad you do have some dear ones to have coffee with. XO
      I think I’ll print the photos of their eyes, I do love them so. =)

  2. My second sunflower decided to open up and share its beauty with the world. I love looking for beauty in small things. It’s really everywhere, if you look. Love the photos!

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