Coffee, Striped Blankets and Making the Most of a Moment

The air is still and quiet, the water beyond the sand is glassy. The clouds fill the sky with white waves and at least three shades of blue.

It feels like early morning but it isn’t.

coffee on the beach

I sip my coffee and take deep breaths. The girls are playing in the damp sand- making cakes, getting their toes muddy and singing.

It’s pretty ideal and I am still in awe that we live here, on the Bay of Fundy with its red sand and world famous tides.

Coffee, striped blankets and making the most of a moment

But earlier today wasn’t ideal, I was a grumpy mummy. I felt like crying over the spilled milk, the spilled oatmeal, over the little people being so very little. It seemed to take an age to leave the house- to gather the towel, the water and the snacks. My mind was tired of the hard challenges lately, my body tired from staying up too late. Again.

I still haven’t downloaded the tide app and keep forgetting to check before we head out the door so it’s always a surprise. Today the tide was out, way out, which suited us just fine.

I spread the blue and white striped sheet that has become our beach blanket, the girls slip off their shoes and we all exhale.

Coffee, striped blankets and making the most of a moment

Coffee, striped blankets and making the most of a moment

I sip my coffee and start thinking about all the good things.

Hot coffee on the beach. Healthy and beautiful girls. My hard-working husband willing to dow what it takes to support us and practice many hours each day. Good friends who speak beauty and truth into my life over coffee or through a blogpost. And a slice of cake, sprinkled with dark sea sand and made by the cutest pair of bathing-suited chefs.

Coffee, striped blankets and making the most of a moment

What good things are in your life today?

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9 thoughts on “Coffee, Striped Blankets and Making the Most of a Moment

  1. Thanks for the timely reminder! It was a hard Monday for me too – or, rather, a good day with hard moments vying to take over the highlight reel. Good things count included gifts of garden cucumbers and baby potatoes for supper, finally saying goodbye to the faulty shower door on our tub, a breeze to blow off a weekend’s worth of stifling humidity, spontaneous apologies from the girl who’s still learning that her words can hurt feelings, and chocolate peanut butter Hagen Daas to finish it all off.

    • Mondays are just hard sometimes, aren’t they? I’m so glad you could have those lovely gifts to make it a bit better. Garden gifts are a welcome treat around here too and Hagan Daas makes everything better. The part about your big girl apologizing made me smile and gave me hope for the growth starting in my own big girl. XX

  2. I’m so glad you have this beautiful place to restore your rumpled spirits and exhausted self. XO The good things in my life this week are: new movies and books from the library for free, refried beans, corn chips and cold beer for dinner, meeting friends unexpectedly in town and having a good chat, cuddles and smooches with Bear, the excitement of a date this weekend – a WHOLE DAY at the movies with my Bear. :-) Thanks for giving me the chance to see how lovely my life is even when I’m exhausted and so sore from literally wrestling with goats and helping my body adjust to this new eating regimen. :-)

    • I do so love the library, I consider it one of my greatest gifts. And time with our men is always special. We just had a date last weekend and it was just what we needed.
      You are always inspiring to me with your goats, that is hard stuff, and for tackling a new way of eating. XO

  3. Oh yes. This brings tears to my eyes. I am right there with you, friend. The beauty of “exhaling” and trying again and remembering to delight in “bathing suited chefs” or whatever the current equivalent is :) Thanks for sharing.

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