project 52


project 52

Kilmeny, my three and half year old, every day showing us more of herself with the thoughts she comes up with and the perspective she has on life. She is so much fun these days (still challenging but it’s gotten easier), she constantly cracks us up with her sayings and keeps us on our toes with her many questions.

Khaira, my brand new two year old, is full on into ‘do it myself’ mode. Something that thrills me and tugs at my heart. She was (and still is) a mummy’s girl and needing to be so close to me for any new situation that I get excited as I see her grow¬†and become more confident.

My husband took these pictures last week when we celebrated Khaira’s birthday on the beach. I had plans to share many more pictures and a little birthday recap but computer time has been rare this week and my ‘spare’ time has been occupied with other delightful, offline pursuits.

What challenges and thrills are you facing and celebrating this week?


linking up with Che and Fidel for Project 52


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2 thoughts on “32/52

  1. Beautiful girls – beautiful photos – beautiful memories. :-) Our challenge this weekend was drenching and trimming our goats. We are both battered and bruised and SO tired, but we did it!!! :-) A thrill will be this weekend when we head to the coast to celebrate our anniversary. :-) Cannot wait. :-)

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