Twitterature (June Edition)

I read a lot of books in the last month. A lot more then I usually do. Part of that had to do with our staycation and part of that had to do with the fact that I’m trying to be much more intentional about how I spend my time. I don’t want to curl up with my phone, scrolling through instagram just before I go to sleep. I want to read a few pages and then slip into a deep sleep, our bodies are made for that much stimulation all day long. And so here is a partial list of what I’ve being reading lately. I’m halfway done my ninth book in the last 5 weeks, if you wanted to know what a lot of books means to me. =)


Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Authors on How and Why They Do What They Do

edited by Meredith Maran

This was an absolutely intriguing book. For anyone who wants to write, does write, or enjoys what others write- this is a great behind the scenes look at some of the popular writers of our day. Insightful and encouraging. My husband and I both read it and had many discussions on the different authors lives. #inspiringandeducational

Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Food Critic in Disguise 

Ruth Reichl

Stories from the New York Times food critic. If you love food, New York, and/or people, this book tells a fascinating story.

Make the Bread, Buy the Butter: what you should and shouldn’t cook from scratch

Jennifer Reese

If I bought any of the books I read this month, it would be this one. For anyone who makes food from scratch, wants to make things from scratch, Jennifer has made it all. She includes recipes and lets you off the guilt of making it all. I would buy it for the recipes alone. Croissants, liquers and condiments are all on my to-make list and they’re all in the book. To get an idea of her writing style, read her blog 

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey 

The Countess of Carnarvon

If you love Downton Abbey or British history, you will probably enjoy this book. Highclere Castle is the real Downton Abbey and this book covers the history of Highclere during the time that Downton is set. I found it very interesting to see what inspired parts of the story in the settings and the characters who actually lived. And when we go to England, I want to visit Highclere Castle. #nerdalert

Kisses from Katie: a story of relentless love and redemption 

Katie Davis

I’m probably one of the last people to read this book but I’m not one to jump on all the bandwagons and think that’s something amazing just because everyone else does. That being said, this book moved me in a profound way. I am still processing it. Read it, be inspired to live your life, and love deeply. And look for a giveaway featuring the Uganda necklaces later this summer.

I’m linking up with Twitterature from Modern Mrs. Darcy. Head there for lots more book recommendations and a summer reading guide, seriously good stuff.

What have you been reading lately?

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17 thoughts on “Twitterature (June Edition)

  1. I want to read the Downton one & the 20 Writers one! And would love to see Highclare Castle someday…

    I am still enjoying James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small. I keep reading funny anecdotes about birthing calves to my husband, who is not as enamored as I. :)

    I feel like I *should* be done with it by now, but I’ve been distracted by about 5 others since starting. How on earth did you finish 9? Makes me want to make more space in my daily routine for reading…

    • I totally nerded out on the Downton book and read parts aloud to Jared who like Ryan was not as enamoured as I.

      I read a lot when I was off-line. ;-P And I have been trying to read more and screen less in the evenings, as well as having some really good books. =)

  2. I love the sounds of “Make the Bread, Buy the Butter” :-) That is right up my alley!! I too have been reading: Magical Herbs, 5 Minute Health Boosters, a Bryant and May mystery, Healing Drinks, and Build Your Biz and Blog With Love. They’ve all been excellent, inspiring, and thought-provoking, especially the last one. It has spoken to me at a deep level and calmed many insecurities and fears I’ve had about my blog and business. :-)

  3. I loved both Lady Almina and Garlic and Sapphires! Make the Bread, Buy the Butter sounds fabulous-I will be checking it out for sure! Great recommendations :)

  4. I ordered Downton Abbey series from the library after hearing — um, reading — you talk about it. I loved it! Finished the third season today, and immediately hopped online to look if there is a fourth yet! There’s not…so maybe I’ll just start over and watch them all again :)

    And I ordered Kisses from Katie and started reading it today. Wow. It’s blowing my mind. And like you, I’ll be processing for quite a while.

    • Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed Downton Abbey!! I love them. The fourth season is coming out this fall/winter and I’m super excited. =)

      Kisses from Katie is quite the book and the story. I’m glad to know it takes others awhile to process too.=)

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  6. I’m glad you linked this to your more recent post, somehow I missed it when it was first posted! FYI you are not the last to read “Kisses For Katie” because I am. :-P I am looking forward to reading it, though. It’s been on my list of books to read for a very long time.

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