10 on 10: May Edition











ten pictures, every hour(-ish) on the tenth of the month 

1. all of our feet

2. morning coffee, where we lingered long after the cups were emptied, such a gift to be together

3. i love my flowers, such splash of colour and beauty

4. khaira: all curls, dimples and cuteness

5. kilmeny loves to ‘fix’ the pencil crayons by sharpening them over and over again, she’s developing a love for drawing

6. the girls contemplating Daddy’s suitcase

7. summer drinks: italian sodas with lime

8. us

9. holding hands, together, up the road to dear friends

10. my big girl, fixing a snack for her ‘may may’ (little sister) all by herself

 joining with Rebekah of A Bit of Sunshine in celebrating the bits of beauty everyday

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15 thoughts on “10 on 10: May Edition

  1. I couldn’t stop grinning the whole way through this post. :-) Love, love, love. :-) So glad for all this happiness in your life, dear friend. :-)

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