In Which I talk about Cleaning House and Embracing the HodgePodge


Life has been a little hodgepodge lately. It’s full of late night practice sessions and weekend research sessions. It’s been pancakes on a Tuesday morning and music performances all day long on a Sunday.

It’s rolling with the schedule and adjusting it constantly. It’s being okay with saying no to social engagements. It’s letting the housework slide a little and learning to be gentle with oneself.

School is finished except for two exams and the next season has already started. Jared is in the practice room (aka the front room) most days, all day and we are adjusting to a whole new schedule of all being home together.

I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of what I do to keep me sane (or a little less grumpy about messes) around the house and then you can share what you do in the comments. Okay?


I just started using a cleaning schedule and honestly? It’s changing my life. It’s basic and it’s just jotted in the sidebar of my planner. And it’s not even original to me, I copied a friend’s schedule after telling her I needed to do something. We don’t have a big house just a flat so I can normally clean the whole place pretty fast if I need too. But I needed something to keep me on track, housework is not my first love and especially when I have two little helpers.

So here’s what I do:

Mondays – Wash laundry, focus on dining room and kitchen.

This allows me to do all those extra things that never get done, you know, the washing of the cupboard doors or clearing off the top of the fridge. All that fun stuff.

Tuesdays- Fold Laundry. Master Bedroom.

I hardly ever got all the laundry washed and dried on Mondays anyways and this way I can fold all the laundry at once. I throw it all on our bed and fold it at some point. Normally during the evening, listening to a podcast (my favorite current being the Simple Mom podcast, you’re welcome). I then putter around our room, dusting, sweeping, going through clothes etc.

Wednesdays- Clean bathroom, hallway. Our hallway is like a whole extra room, it’s amazing and big and can get cluttered with random stuff. So I clean it and sweep it and it feels like a new place.

Thursdays- The Girls Room. I’ve often vaccumed and swept in here already but this is my day to go through toys/clothes/stuff. Wash their floor, rearrange the floor cushions and read stories. We read on every other day too. Kilmeny loves to vacuum and I let her, sometimes I do a quick zoom over after she does but most of the time she does a great job!

Fridays- The Front Room. It gets straightened and vacuumed and it’s ready for the weekend. This is where Jared teaches, we watch movies on our super-fancy set up involving the laptop plugged into our speakers. I share coffee with a friend and re-arrange the mantel. It’s not a play space, its a quiet space.

Daily- Wipe counters, sweep floors, general tidy.


I’ve been doing this little routine for several weeks now and I feel so much better about my house! It works for us and I think we’ll keep it going right through the next seasons. I’m excited about spending more time outside and staying on top of the housework.

Do you have a cleaning schedule? How do you roll with it during busy seasons? Would you use a cleaning schedule? Also, do you wear cute sandals when you vacuum? I hear they help.

And, congratulations to Sophie! You’ve been contacted and a delightful package will soon be on its way! =)

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11 thoughts on “In Which I talk about Cleaning House and Embracing the HodgePodge

  1. Except that I have rather lapsed on my regular schedule (with big re-angements and seasonal projects in the works) my little chore list usually keeps my busy family home in check. I agree that a weekly system really is life changing! When I came across this type of daily duties system I adapted it to work for our family and our house. It was surprisingly liberating, as it alieviated the pressure of doing every room on every given day. Not only that but having one room “done” well has been far better, in my experience, than a house full of rooms unfinished ;)

  2. This is great. Kudos to you for sticking to a cleaning schedule. I am a very disorganized person and we generally stick to a schedule but I could do much better. The trouble is that I hate doing laundry…

  3. I do not have a schedule, mostly because so much hinges on health, animals, and weather around here. :-) BUT I do like Mondays for getting things in order, to start the week off well. And Fridays I tend to use as my baking fun stuff days. :-)

  4. Before we moved, we had a cleaning lady come in once every two weeks for deep cleaning stuff. It was to save my sanity really, and she did. Now that we live here though, I don’t think we could afford it… I’m working on a cleaning schedule that will make things easier and not feel like it’s over running my life. Your schedule is a great one!

  5. I have a general cleaning list on my fridge with categories for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly tasks. But, I think I like your daily plan better! It would do the daily thinking of “what to clean?” for me and probably help me feel less overwhelmed by it all :).

    • I have big cleaning projects that I do every so often, ‘let’s deal with the storage room!’ but this helps so much in the day to day. And it is such a nice feeling to know that I can cross off cleaning the house and then focus on something that I really enjoy doing. =) It brings some closure to a job that is never really done. ;-)

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