In Which We went to The Ocean and Gathered Shells


It  had been a long day. Actually it had been a long month. We were just coming out of our busy season, the season that involved lots of grace, lots of text communication and lots of embracing the hodgepodge and knowing it won’t last forever.

Jared was at another rehearsal and the girls and I were antsy. Spring was here, evident in the leaf buds and the crocuses everywhere but a flat stroller tire kept us from enjoying the day as I thought we should.

It was an impromptu family lunch date followed by the girls and I taking the car and just driving. We drove to the water, always our happy place. Beyond soaking in the calm I had no other plans. They walked. I followed. We found a shallow stream making its way to the ocean and we stayed there for almost an hour. The girls threw rocks in, I threw rocks in. We made big splashes and cheered each other on.


We stopped and drew the alphabet in the wet sand. We stopped and sifted through the tiny rocks looking for shells. Kilmeny found several little ones to start her very own shell collection. And we all collected rocks. I had plans for those rocks.

We got back in the car and drove some more, through the countryside, waving at the cows and horses until the chatter from the backseat stopped. They were asleep. Finally. All they needed was a little fresh air, a little play and a little time with a relaxed mum.

I read my book while they slept, and I just sat. I don’t do that nearly enough. It’s on of the secrets I think, to keeping sane and relaxed in whatever busy season you find yourself in. Just sitting and being quiet.


All too soon I had to leave, we had plans for dinner and Jared had another music gig in the evening. But those moments and the pictures I snapped remind me of the calm, remind me to stay in the moment and just breathe.

Where do you go when life gets really busy? Do you take pictures to remind yourself to breathe?

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3 thoughts on “In Which We went to The Ocean and Gathered Shells

  1. Lovely… Absolutely lovely!

    I would certainly go to the coast, if it was near me. It’s my “breathe” spot, for sure. Restores my soul. Other bodies of water help… And long drives.

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