In Which I Write a Letter to My Girls (and all of us)

Hey girls,

I watched you play at the park today. You were so free and adventurous. And beautiful. I don’t think you know how beautiful you are. The darkening shadows of self-doubt and comparison haven’t crept in yet to steal your freedom and make you wonder if you’re good enough.

Park Day

You are good enough. Just the way you are. Your sisterhood is a gift. Never doubt that. Confide in each other, cultivate your friendship. Remember your sister has your back.

Be brave enough to try new adventures and situations that are bigger then you think you can handle. Know your limits, when to push and when to just be. There is great good in being.

Park Day 3

Become lost in the wonder of the simple. This world can get really noisy and complicated sometimes.

Park Day 2

Wear your clothes with confidence. When you get older you may doubt and think that you have nothing to wear, but right now you wear your princess skirt and purple converse sneakers with strength. It’s a beautiful thing. And you inspire your mummy.


Accept the gifts that are offered you. Even if they seem more rocks found on a playground then something lasting and special.

Know that you are loved. You matter because you are you. Far more then style choices and bad haircuts. Or how you act or what you do.

Love always,


P.S. I wrote this as much for myself as for my girls and for you. Sometimes this seems like a tough world to raise girls in but I know that it isn’t hopeless and the more of us that share hope and love, the better it is for all of us.

Do you write letters to your children or your future self?

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