What We’re Into: 3.29.2013


We are nearing the end of the school year for my husband, just one more week of full classes and then final exams and violin juries. It’s been busy and intense and we’re both ready for a little lighter schedule. It’s been hard going this last month but its almost done. Spring is coming in like a soft whisper here in our little corner of Nova Scotia, our neighbor’s yard is carpeted with crocuses and there are green leaf buds visible. I’m so ready for spring to be here. I’ve been dreaming up spring parties and swooning over crafty projects and kitchen delectables.

I want to make these little birds’ nest. And these coconut lemon macaroons. They are so cute and just look like spring.

We haven’t done Easter baskets before and I’m kinda on the fence about them but if we did them, I would be making these. Adorable.

I spent an undisclosed amount perusing Joyfolie one evening. I love seeing the creativity of others and especially small businesses. If I had lots of money, I would buy lots of these shoes. After all I do have two little girls. And I love cute shoes too.

And when I need a quiet moment, I come back to this post. The pictures are full of light and wonder and I feel myself lighten just looking at them.

We have plans this weekend, a dinner gathering with friends. There’ll be 27 of us, including children and I’m excited. And then we have a quiet family outing planned. We’ll be picking up hot cross buns and coffee and heading to the ocean. Just to be quiet and still for a little while. I’m quite looking forward to that. The ocean is one of my very happy places.

How was your March? Do you have any spring project plans? Would you buy shoes online?

Enjoy your weekend, friends and thanks for sharing this space with me. It means a lot that you’re here!

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6 thoughts on “What We’re Into: 3.29.2013

  1. Those shoes are absolutely squeal-worthy. It’s a pity my girlie’s not quite that little anymore. I may, however, be spoiling my new baby goddaughter in the near future ;) thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay for husbands almost through the semester! (Although your semester seems to end sooner than mine :)). And a trip to the ocean sounds fantastic. I do buy shoes online, but only if the site has free returns. I’ve used Zappos, Piperlime, and Amazon. Enjoy your weekend! We are having a family over for Easter dinner…who has one two days older than my oldest and two days older than my youngest; funny, huh?

    • Woot-woot for fellow school wives!! There’s another month of juries and exams but yes, the classes are almost over. =)
      Your dinner plans sound lovely, I love hanging out with others in the same season as us. Be it virtual or real-life. Enjoy your weekend!!

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