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The Ultimate DIY Project

We weren’t even going to include it on our thirty before thirty bucket list.

Do a DIY project together

We wandered through Michaels one date night browsing together, up and down the aisles taking a longer time since I had no littles hanging out of the cart. It was fun, we compared our tastes in decor and laughed at some of the more outrageous design ideas. I suggested we count that outing towards our DIY project and check it off the list.

the ultimate DIY project || this vintage moment

And then, we found the ultimate project to work on together.

We bought a house!

May and most of June were filled with a flurry of phone calls, emails and discussions. House viewings and inspections and asking ourselves if we were crazy. And now there’s a beautiful SOLD sticker on the for sale sign and I can pin all the things for real now.

the ultimate DIY project || this vintage moment

We’ve discussed paint colours, the house’s palette currently involves dark red, dark purple and navy all of which I love but not in my kitchen or living areas. We’ve sketched out lots of garden ideas and we have big dreams for the big backyard. The girls are lobbying for a treehouse they can live in and I want an English cottage garden along the front deck.

After renting for seven years of our married life and living in four of the ten Canadian provinces, it feels so good to put some serious roots down in this province we’ve grown to love so much.

the ultimate DIY project || this vintage moment

We won’t be actually moving until September so I’ll be filling my Pinterest boards with all my ideas, figuring out paint colours and applying the KonMari method as I sort and pack all our stuff.

I’d love to hear your tips and stories about moving and home ownership!


Weekend Links and {my} Vintage Moment

I cut my finger last week (ironically while preparing a Father’s Day feast for Jared), it wasn’t bad enough to slow me down that day. We just wrapped it up and carried on but it’s been a a whole week of healing for that poor little finger and typing has been on the worst activities. Washing dishes has been no fun either. It’s been a good week of having to slow down, dial back my expectations (I have so much I want write here in this space) and just be with my little family. We are in full summer swing which also means that hurt finger or not, blogging takes a back seat priority to beach days and backyard picnics. I’m going to assume that you’re online less in the summer as well- reading books while your kids enjoy the water and getting out to the garden before it gets too hot.

Here are a few good reads I’ve enjoyed lately:

8 favourite outfits for summer || Jones Design Company // I’m not doing a capsule wardrobe this summer but if I was, I would just copy and paste these outfits. Perfect for our coastal weather which has more mood swings then I do, easy to dress up and dress down.

29 summer survival tips for families || Simple Bites // My favourite kind of summer list, full of great ideas and fun ways to make the most of this summer season.

The Love Project {#morningstarloveproject} || Under the Sycamore // There is so much heartbreak in this world but every now and then, someone comes along with something tangible you can do and a story of hope. This project is exactly that- with the purchase of some lovely art, you can make a donation so that families who need life-changing surgeries for their children can have those surgeries done without giving their children up to orphanages. It’s caring for our fellow human in the most beautiful of ways. Read the story, buy some art, and make a difference in a family half a world away.

From the blog lately:

5 Ways to a Sorta (totally) Awesome Summer – This post started out as many do, just random thoughts jotted down on whatever paper is handy. Some simple ideas I wanted to make sure I did this summer, some things that would make life easier and reminders to myself to embrace this season.

Quick Lit: Beachy Reads – a great collection of reads to take with you to the beach, backyard or the couch for a few quiet moments.

My favourite Vintage Moment from this week:

We found a new hiking spot just ten minutes from our house, this province never ceases to amaze me with its’ diverse scenery and gorgeous ocean.

nova scotia summer || this vintage moment

I would love to see what is capturing your eye this week, share it in the comments or on Facebook! 


Have a wonderful week, friends!


5 Ways to a Sorta (totally) Awesome Summer

This post started out as many do, just random thoughts jotted down on whatever paper is handy. Some simple ideas I wanted to make sure I did this summer, some things that would make life easier and reminders to myself to embrace this season. I was listening to one of my new favourite podcasts, Sorta Awesome, and they spent a whole episode talking about their top summer plans.

So, here’s my 5 ways to a Sorta (totally!) Awesome Summer!

1. Stock the kitchen and pantry

This seems like a no-brainer but I know we’ll have lots of days where we’ll just want to get up and go or linger at our favourite beach. Having stocked cupboards will make it easier to throw together a picnic. I’m buying a snack tray and filling it with fruit, cheese, crackers, homemade snack bars. I’m keeping the freezer stocked with popsicles, both the homemade kind and not. I’m going to make sure the beach bag is always ready to go with sunscreen, blankets and beach towels. I’m going to sketch out my menu plans for dinners – simple salads made of whatever is currently in season, pizzas topped with fresh tomatoes and every combination of stone fruit and cheese possible.

5 Ways to a Sorta (totally) Awesome Summer || this vintage moment

2. Say yes to all the things

We try to keep a pretty good routine during the school year, school schedule isn’t a concern for us since we homeschooled last year but all the extra classes are over and I want to revel in my girls being 5 and 3 this year. I’m not sure what this will look like but I want to be open to saying yes. Taking little detours, checking out a new playground, and lingering a little longer. This is what all the things looked like last time I made a summer bucket list, I’ve gotten better at knowing our family’s flow and a five item guideline is sometimes better then a hefty list.

3. Have picnic dates

I’ve already made some plans to hang out with friends at a local beach, our kidlets will play and we will talk. I’ll ask important questions like how they take their coffee, what is their favourite chocolate and what they are currently reading. We’ll go for supper picnics and keep the girls up way past their bedtime so we can watch the sunset over the ocean. I’ve been dreaming of sand-kissed shoulders and meals that take 3 hours all winter long, the picnic basket needs to be in regular rotation again.

5 Ways to a Sorta (totally) Awesome Summer  || this vintage moment

4. Read the books

This is actually on every single list I make for every single season. It is my favourite pastime and I hope to read through a couple more books with my girls as well over the summer months.

5 Ways to a Sorta (totally) Awesome Summer || this vintage moment

5. Let it Go

So the house is a little messy, so the kitchen didn’t get cleaned up before bed, so you don’t remember when the girls last had a bath- be like Elsa and let it go. Summer is a short season and I don’t want to be fussing over little things. I have a tendency to clean all the things when life gets crazy and I want to remember that it’s okay if the house isn’t perfectly picked up after spending all day outside. I want to remember that what matters at the end of the day is that we loved each well and that I put aloe vera on the sunburns.


Tell me your five top plans for this  summer, stellar popsicle recipes and favourite picnic food! 



I spent most of last month’s quiet moments reading and then rapidly requesting more books because nothing makes me more nervous then having no books on the go. A quiet toddler who shouldn’t be quiet also makes me nervous but it’s a different sort of nerves.

I relied heavily on Anne’s Summer Reading Guide (if you haven’t accessed it, go now!) for filling my library requests.  This is my favourite guide yet and I discovered some really fun authors. I can count on two hands the number of hot days we’ve had thus far to sit by the beach and read. Most of these books were read with a cup of tea and a blanket and had me dreaming of summer days.

 Welcome To Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan

I read two of Jenny Colgan’s books and this one was my favourite. Slightly predictable storyline but with enough twists to make it interesting. Rosie is asked to go and help her elderly aunt who has some health issues. Rosie lives in London with a ho-hum boyfriend and a ho-hum job as a nurse. The countryside is not where she thinks her dreams come true but after assisting the local doctor with a couple of cases and working on her aunt’s sweet shop (when not trying to get her to eat and sleep properly), Rosie re-evaluates her entire life. The book has delightful references to candy in other literature (Roald Dahl, of course) and the descriptions of the candy store may make you want to have a good selection of your favourite sweets on hand.



 Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan

This was my first Jenny Colgan novel and it was a fun read. I don’t have a big sweet tooth but both of her novels made me want cupcakes and candies or at least to visit a cupcake cafe. Issy has a terrific life, a terrific boyfriend and many people who love her for her baking. Until she loses her job and the only thing she has left is her baking. She takes a gamble, opens a cafe and starts to invest both in her local community and in the lives of others who don’t fit normal jobs. Each chapter opens with a recipe from her Grandpa, the man who raised her and taught her to bake, it’s very sweet. If you have ever wanted to open a cafe, make a huge difference in a short time and have happily ever afters- this book is for you. If you wanted to escape to England and read about cupcakes and love- this book is for you.



  Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson 

I typically steer clear of Young Adult books for what reason, I’m not sure but I read several this month and loved them. I especially like to read a couple books by an author to understand their writing style and see if it’s me or just that book that I love or dislike. Morgan Matson is a delight to read and I want to read everything she’s read and relive being 17 minus all the angst and emotions. Emily is a quiet girl, happy to follow her best friend’s lead until her friend leaves town unexpectedly. All that is left to explain the absence is a list of things for Emily to do over the summer- some because Sloane knows Emily’s fears and some well, just because. Emily meets new friends, discovers how to be herself on the outside and the inside. It may be written for teenagers but as a twenty-nine year old, I loved it.



 Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson 

This book was one of my favourites for a very personal reason- last summer my family and I went on our own epic (totally planned) road trip. Our route followed a very similar route to the route in this book and so while I was reading of their experiences at the Grand Canyon, in Louisville and just how much of Kansas there is, I was re-living our own trip. For anyone who has done a long road trip across the States, wanted to do a long road trip or worked through major relationship stuff while with strangers- this book is for you. Plus the cover art is just well done.




 Inside the O’Briens by Lisa Genova 

I’ve read all of Lisa Genova’s previous novels and knew I wanted to read this one as soon as I could get it from the library. One of Lisa’s purposes in writing is to draw attention to neurological diseases that don’t have cures or obvious causes. Inside the O’Briens addresses Huntington’s Disease, one that I actually didn’t know anything about before reading. It’s a hard read but like all of her other books, it’s a good read even if you may have to weep a few times while reading it. Not the best beachside read. Joe is a 40 year old police officer, in love with his wife and happy with their weekly Sunday dinners as a large, Irish Catholic family. Their life is turned upside when he is diagnosed with Huntingtons’, the story follows his progression with the disease and how the different family members deal with the reality of a genetic disease. The book is set in Boston, one of my favourite US cities and so I recognize places referenced in the book.

 All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr 

This book is everywhere right now and for good reason. I chose this as my book for ‘the book that everyone has read but you‘ in the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge and it did not disappoint. I will admit that it took me awhile to get into the style of story telling and to follow the story but it is worth it to stick it out. It is the story of two children who grew up as World War II happened- an orphan genius of a boy who was given a chance to see Europe as part of Hitler’s army and a blind French girl who experienced a full life through her thoughtful father. Their stories are intermingled around a radio broadcast and the desire to experience life as fully as possible. The book took ten years to write and it is one to be savoured, occasionally reading the sentences out loud, if you’re a full on word nerd like me.



 Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline 

This book sat in my library bin for a week until I finally opened it and then promptly devoured it. The story alternates between a seventeen year old foster child and a elderly woman who was on the Orphan Train as eight year old. I loved the contrast and comparison of the heart wrenching stories from the Orphan Train and the foster care system. Neither one is perfect, both are filled with people who are in for the wrong reasons but there is good and this story shows some of the good from the then and the now.




Do you read more in the summer? What are your latest good reads? Head over to Modern Mrs Darcy for many more short reviews! 


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Weekend Links and {my} Vintage Moment

It’s been quite the week around here and when that happens, I tend to go quiet online until I know how and what to share. I’ve opened my computer for Netflix and tea in the evenings or to place even more holds at our library but not to write many words. We’ve been getting outside when the sun has come out and savouring the foggy rainy days. This is Halifax in June and I’m okay with it. We did get up to our garden plot and it was a magical few hours. I brought home rhubarb and planted tomatoes and marvelled at the wild apple trees.

Here’s some of what I’ve read this past week, when I haven’t been reading one of my books.

Simple Reality // The Art of Simple :: “I wanted you to know all this. Wanted you to see that our lives here are not endless days of bliss. Yes, there have been amazing rewards to this life we’ve chosen, and the benefits we’ve gained have infinite value. We would choose this again in a moment. But it’s not perfect.”

Flavoured Water for Morning, Noon and Night// Simple Bites :: I’ve been putting slices of whatever citrus I have on hand in my water for ages but these recipes look so good and totally make drinking water an experience. I can’t wait to try the watermelon one!

100 Picture Books to Read this Summer // Everyday Reading :: I love a good book list and this list will keep us going all summer long, there’s even a printable version for greater use.

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Angel Food Cupcakes with Strawberries // Joy the Baker:: I know, two recipes in one round up one a non-food blog but summer is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you need some good recipes in your back pocket. I can’t wait to try this one on my book club girls!

My favourite Vintage Moment from this week:

Apple blossom time  is one of my very favourite times of the year. I know why Anne fell in love with the White Way of Delight.

appleblossom || this vintage moment


I would love to see what is capturing your eye this week, share it in the comments or on Facebook! 


Have a wonderful week, friends!


On waiting and lavender lemonade

We planted a garden two weeks ago. We went back to water and to check on the plot last week. I think I saw a few teeny leaves peeking through the dark brown soil but that could have been weeds or peas.

I added some seeds last week- lavender and basil and rosemary. I can’t wait to harvest the purple flowers to add to lemonade and top my little purple-lover’s birthday cake come August. I want to make pesto and smear it on fresh bread next February when we’re deep into squashes and braises and hot cocoa.

on waiting and lavender lemonade || this vintage moment

But right now? The garden looks barren. You can’t tell that anything is planted except for the little tiny markers and those only I know how to decipher. This year, we planted a garden. Next year, we’ll have cute garden markers.

We wait. We water. We talk about the garden. And I start thinking of many uses for cucumbers if all my plants come up.

But mostly we wait for the sun and the water and the seeds to do their magic, to push the plants through the surface and start growing where we can see the leaves take shape.

If we were sitting over coffee, I would tell you that the garden is a picture of my life. We’re in a waiting place right now in almost every area of our life. It’s not a fun place to be but it’s a needed place. There’s lots of good stuff around the corner, I know it and I can’t wait until that’s our reality. But right now, I have to wait and be patient that the good stuff will all come.

It’s hard to wait. It’s hard to know that there is nothing you can do but put one foot in front of the other- read the books, make the meals, go outside in the sunshine.

on waiting and lavender lemonade

I’ve been here before, I’m sure you have too. We both know that after the waiting comes sweet reward and that we always say it’s worth it but when you’re in the middle of it? It’s hard to see the finish line. So we water our garden plot, and by we, I mean my enthusiastic garden helpers who are so eager to do something garden related that they shower everything with water.

We make little routines in a crazy month of shift changes and we roll with lots of grace. We make time for snuggles over sweeping floors and we stick with simple favourites for dinner. And we wait, looking for the little shafts of light and glimpses of beauty that make even this middle part so very worth it.


Tell me about your gardening stories and what keeps you going in the waiting time.


What I’m Into {May 2015}

I’m joining up for the first time with Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been into for the last month. I can hardly believe that May is over, it’s been a blur of both good and some big hard stuff. I’m hopeful for June’s clarity and for remembering to breathe a little more over this next month.

What I’m Watching 

Jared and I started Grey’s Anatomy back in the winter and it was our go-to show for weathering all those winter storms. 7 seasons later, we’re still deep into it. I love it because I love Seattle and I love the quirks of human nature, oh and the medical stuff is fascinating as well. I finished season 3 of Once Upon a Time and am still looking for a good show when I’m home alone and out of good reading material. Any recommendations?


What I’m Reading 

I hit several duds and abandoned the books a few chapters in, something I never do. I wanted to like Cinder and The Jane Austen Book Club but they were too close to what I love and yet so far. I’m flying through some Young Adult books from this list, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour was a favourite this month.

What I’m Cooking 

It’s been a crazy month with a lot going on and my kitchen has been somewhat neglected. We’re eating simply and applying habits to our meal rotation. It’s been brilliant having the same breakfast every day during the week (porridge and boiled eggs), simple lunches and suppers. I’ve also been enlisting my girls’ help which is fun and challenging to break down meals so they can help with each component.


What I’m Loving 

– mornings at the park where the weather is glorious but the playgrounds are still quiet

– before supper bike rides and chalk drawing, it brings a whole new perspective to that dreaded 4-5pm window and we’re all a lot happier

– herbal tea, I’ve never really been a fan but my naturopath advised a cut in my caffeine intake so I’ve replaced my evening orange pekoe with a variety of herbal teas and it’s been surprisingly nice.

– weekly routines. May is when Jared’s shift went all over the place and when that happens I scramble for a little while. Having weekly anchors helped maintain some routines and made the transitions smoother.

– starting a book club! I’ve been wanting to join one for ages but it always unnerved me a little so I decided to take the jump and start one of my own. Our first gathering was a hit, we talked for hours and spiralled off into many different discussions prompted by the book we read. We read The Birth House and I can’t wait for next month’s selection and discussions.

– we got a garden plot in our local community garden and it has been so fun to work on this plot as a family. It’s community involvement as well as just good dirt therapy and a new family venture.


What I’m Obsessing Over 

– habits and routines. Jared and I both read The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (go read it, now!) and it has been slowly transforming how we manage our home life, parent and talk about the future. Having routines and habits in place means I can go on auto-pilot when life gets crazy because I know what’s for dinner or what’s planned for Thursdays. It also means that we have a go-to point when we want to change a habit or make new habits. Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives  has also highly influenced my thoughts on habits so you should really just go read both books.


So tell me, what have you been into this month? Any great Netflix or book recommendations? What are your favourite non-caffinated drinks?



Welcome to summer! A simple celebration idea

One of my soft goals this year was to celebrate well. Not just the birthdays and Christmas but the in-between celebrations of Spring coming and Autumn’s first crunching of leaves and the entrance of glorious Summer.

Partly inspired by this picture I saw in my Instagram feed and partly inspired by my love of all the summer paraphernalia hitting the shelves, I’m planning a Welcome to Summer party with my little family.

summer celebration || this vintage moment

I’ll be buying the girls new sand buckets and shovels, flip-flops and sunglasses. I’ll be re-stocking our bubble toys and buying (or making) a big jug of bubble mixture. We may add a soccer ball to the mix since one of my girls is obsessed with the idea of soccer and is forever asking to get on a field and kick some ball. I’ll be taking out the beach bag and refreshing its contents as well.

It’s no different then I do any other summer but this year I’m making it a big deal. I’ll wrap those buckets up gift-basket style with a few more treats inside. We’ll have a picnic supper and ice-cream cones and wipe sticky watermelon juice off sun-kissed little faces.

I’m treasuring this year of my girls being little, of them loving new treasures from the dollar store and sparkly flip flops. I’m aware of how fast time marches on and even though this is an exhausting season of training and teaching, these are the days. I want to celebrate every single one of them. The big ones and the ordinary, beautiful ones.

This would be the perfect way to welcome kids home from the last day of school or to kick off a vacation or any excuse to throw a summer-themed party.

Do you celebrate the beginning of summer? What would be in your gift bag? (mine would involve cold drinks, books and a giant umbrella for this Irish skin of mine!)




On Making Nova Scotia Home

Yesterday I did what I’ve wanted to do ever since moving to Halifax and the best beaches around. I fell asleep on the beach, covered by a big quilt, with my littlest daughter snuggled in and lightly snoring in cadence with the waves. It was all kinds of glorious.

The waves were as soothing as one would hope for an oceanside nap, the sun was out and warm (as evidenced by the slight burn I got on my neck) and the sand was somewhat soft.

We’ve found our favourite beaches, the ones with soft,white sand and shades of blue water that evokes images of the tropics until you step in the water and it resembles glacier water. We drive along the water on Saturday afternoons, sipping drinks and singing loudly to the radio.

On Making Nova Scotia Home || this vintage moment

When we moved here two and half years ago, I had no idea what Nova Scotia was like. I knew lobsters, the Atlantic Coast and that it was close to Prince Edward Island aka Anne’s land. I didn’t know that the province was small enough to drive around in a couple of days, I didn’t know that the landscape was so diverse from ocean beaches to pastoral farmland to ski mountains. I didn’t know that Cape Breton was so diverse, so beautiful and that it’s still part of Nova Scotia even though it’s an island.

We arrived here early one August morning, bleary-eyed from flying through the night (our girls slept, we sort of did), found coffee and made our way to the Halifax harbour front. We wandered along with the crowds and I kept reminding myself that we weren’t tourists here, we just moved here and it was going to be home.

We came here for school, a story I’ve been recounting a lot lately. My husband went back to school to pursue his music degree and I dug into making this new province home. School didn’t end the way it should have (it’s a long story and one I won’t be sharing here), we thought we would finish the degree, win a job with a symphony orchestra in a big city and call it good. We’re still living here with not intention of moving from the province, music is still a huge part of our life but it’s not what pays the bills.

On Making Nova Scotia Home || this vintage moment

I honestly didn’t think we’d be living here for that long. I embraced it for the adventure it was, making day trips to the beaches and points of interest.

But here we are, coming up on three years of living in Nova Scotia, surrounded by a close community of friends. Friends who have become our family, since our family lives across the country with a 3 hour time difference in our days. We have seasonal routines, we know where to go to pick strawberries and our favourite coffee shops. I can make recommendations where to go and where to stay and what is worth doing when I’m asked. We have a standing list of places to take friends and family when they come visit.

On Making Nova Scotia Home || this vintage moment

Nova Scotia has become home, something I never thought I would say in all of my wildest daydreams. It’s hard being far from the grandparents and cousins, it’s not been all lobster rolls and beach picnics. I actually haven’t had a lobster roll yet or even cooked a lobster (this is happening soon!) so maybe I still have one more step in calling this place home. But we’ve made memories here, we’ve dug deep into life and somehow even the heart-wrenching experiences make it more home.

On Making Nova Scotia Home || this vintage moment

Life looks different then it did on that August morning, we’re a little less naive about a cross-country adventure, we know a little more about digging into an area and how to make it home. But I’m still just as enamoured by the harbour and the water, I think that part will always stay the same.

Tell me about how you’ve made your home, home. What helps you to dig in deep to community where you live?

P.S. Here’s what I wrote after living here for a year. 


5 Ways to a Great Stay-Cation

I’m a big fan of travel. I get giddy at the thought of flying somewhere new and love that my passport is nearly filled with exotic stamps. Jared and I love to travel together, it was our very first big thing we did after we married. Literally. Three days after we said our vows, we hopped on a plane and didn’t touch North American soil for another seven months. It was the best thing we have ever done.

Fast forward to now, two small children and a need to live a little more of a settled life. We still travel, last year we were on the road for 3 months across the US and parts of Canada, but for the most part we go to the airport to pick up guests, not fly out to exciting destinations.

5 Ways to a Great Staycation || this vintage moment

But just because we’re not flying places doesn’t mean no vacation and a boring life, oh no. We have decided to make stay-cations our thing. They are the perfect answer to this season when travel sometimes means more headache then fun and tickets for four aren’t always cheap.

Our first stay-cation was equal parts boring and fun, our last one in March was just all fun. Here’s what we’ve learned along the way.

5 Ways to a Great Staycation || this vintage moment

1. Plan and plan and plan.

I’m a scheduler and planner by nature, I love to anticipate things and to know that I’m maximizing our time well. My husband is very good balance for me. We plan one big event for each day, have a general meal plan (right down to what meals we’ll eat out) and then plan nothing for certain days. It means that our money is well-spent, our time is well-spent and it’s relaxing for all of us.

2. Know yourselves.

What makes it feel like a vacation to me is not having to look after all the meals, all the time. We plan a few meals out, stock up on fun, easy food (cold cereal, pre-prepped foods) and then eat normally for the rest of the time. Our girls are at an easy age where they love to do the same things all the time- swimming, visiting new playgrounds and staying in hotels are their highlights of travel. We’ve over-planned with too many museums and new places and that just exhausts all of us.

5 Ways to a Great Staycation || this vintage moment

3. Explore your area.

This is kind of the point of a stay-cation- to play tourist in your own area and it’s something we’ve gotten good at in all our moves around the country. Nova Scotia is a very big tourist destination for many obvious reasons, the season starts in June and goes to September. We get out before the season and snag deals on hotels and other attractions. One night away can feel like a lot longer – we love to find a good deal on hotel, go swimming, order pizza. It’s so simple but it creates the best sort of memories and it means that all four of us are satisfied.

4. Enjoy the flexibility of being at home.

Sometimes we’ll tackle big house projects because we’re both home all day and can finally get some of the nagging tasks done around the house. Sometimes we’ll book our regular babysitter and go out for a night, catching a late night movie because there’s no work calling the next day. Sometimes we’ll leave the girls with our very good friends and get away for a night, just the two of us. Sometimes we’ll have green smoothies and naps because we need to reset our bodies.

5 Ways to a Great Staycation || this vintage moment

5. Remember why you’re doing it.

Are you trying to save money? Are you wanting to explore your area? Do you have big house projects you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel when your stay-cation is over?


What are your tips for making a memorable stay-cation?