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a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week in 2014

We’ve been on the road for two and a half months. We’ve travelled coast to coast, seen family and friends, been awed by so many natural beauties and thrilled at our favourite cities. We’ve stayed up late sharing our hearts with dear friends, seen the sunset by the beach and the forest and the dessert. We’ve traveled almost every way you can- plane, train, taxi, bus, ferry and car. And we journeyed through 20 of the 50 states. We fell in love all over again with the West Coast.

It’s been good. So good. 

It’s also been hard, unforeseen changes to the future and just, you know, spending a whole lot of time in the car.

But we don’t regret it. Not at all. 

I’ve seen the girls grow and change, make new friends and overcome fears. Their relationship has been so fun to watch develop a little more from my vantage point of the front seat. I took pictures today to remember their goofy antics and serious faces as we made our way from Pennsylvania to Maine.

It’s a little hard to unpack it all in a blog post and I’ll be sharing bits of our adventure over the next few weeks.

We have one more day of travel and we’ll be back home in Nova Scotia.

I can’t wait.


P.S. While on Vancouver Island, we put together a little intro video for the blog, check it out here. Big thanks to my brother in law for putting it together. 

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a portrait of my girls once a week, every week in 2014 

After our wonderful time in Californa, we started to head East stopping in Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. The landscape has been so diverse on this trip, from sunny beaches to the arid desert to the mountains as we drove through Californa, parts of Arizona and Utah and now in Colorado. The soundtrack of this trip has been the music from Walter Mitty because it just fits perfectly. I think it’ll be a main part of our summer 2014 soundtrack.

There’s been bizarre rock formations rising out of the ground and then the deep, deep canyon of the Grand Canyon. It’s been crazy hot and I am so thankful for our air-conditioning!

Visiting the Grand Canyon has been on my list ever since I was about ten and read Brighty of the Grand Canyon. It was hot and busy and we stayed there just long enough to take some pictures, be completely awe-inspired and buy a magnet for our fridge. The girls had no fear of the edge which caused me a few minor panic attacks since there weren’t a lot of guard rails.

Khaira is our runner and also our two year old with no street savvy so she was in my arms or holding my hand the entire time. Kilmeny understands danger a little more and was suitably impressed by the ‘big hole in the ground’. We watched a turkey vulture soar in circles and saw an elk just as we were leaving the park but to Kilmeny’s chagrin we didn’t see any rattlesnakes. But that was fine by me.

The girls have traveled so well and it has been great to see their relationship take root. They have learned to play quite well together in the car, sharing crayons and creating all kinds of imaginary play. They have their moments, obviously, but it’s also been a good lesson in extending grace to them.  They’ve nearly exhausted the activity kits my Mom put together for them- a favourite for the long travel days has been cutting paper. It makes a mess but they are kept happy and it’s worth any mess. 

What songs are making up your summer soundtrack?

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Savouring the Summer Gifts

summerbreak1 summerbreak2 summerbreak3 summerbreak4



We spent the last  two weeks of June  with my sister and brother in law, sharing their space and life with them. We went to the pool- the same one that I had gone to in my childhood. We had tons of outside time playing bubbles and drawing with chalk. There were four kids under four so it was chaotic, noisy and they always wanted a snack or a drink or a cuddle. I remembered  how lovely it is to just sit and be and laugh at the jokes and antics.  I’ve read long stories to my girls- Kilmeny keeps asking for more and more, I think we’ll start our chapter books together this fall. I’ve had copious cups of tea with my sister and we’ve lingered over coffee in the mornings.

We’ve had a tremendous time of travel thus far, we’ve been slowly meandering our way  between Alberta and BC spending weeks with family and friends.  There’s been time for a little margin, time for visits and quiet but we’re starting to pick the pace up as we drive (!!!) from the West Coast back home to the East Coast. We’ll be seeing marvellous sights ,we’ll be seeing dear friends, both real life and online  and we’ll be spending a lot of time as a little family. 

It’s time to take a little summer break. To explore the everyday extraordinary, just like I try to write about here in this space.

I’ll be updating my instagram (find me there @breannemosher) and sharing the moments with you there. I’ll try to keep up with Project 52 but otherwise it’ll be quiet here and I think that’s a good thing.

I hope your summer is full of all the beautiful things- days at the pool or the beach, hikes and picnics and suntans and sandy feet and all the best of the summer produce.  xo 


update: the winner of Sewing School 101: Simple Tips to Get You Stitching is Sarah! Sarah, look for an email from us! The rest of you can head over to Nicole’s blog to buy this valuable resource. =) 










a portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2014 

We spent Sunday in San Francisco, starting off with a walk to the waterfront on the hilly streets. I marvelled at all the foliage and gorgeous buildings along the way, so beautiful and so very different then what we have in Nova Scotia.

We made a short list of must sees and dos while we were there- things like eat clam chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf and see the sea lions. It was touristy but fun.  The girls walked all over the city like little champs, taking turns in the stroller when their legs got tired and even sharing the stroller so they could both ride at the same time.

It was my first time to the city (unless you count driving over the bridge when I was thirteen) and I loved it all. The smells, the salt-filled air blowing our hair every direction and the palm trees. 

We found Ghiradelli Square and fortified ourselves with some chocolate overlooking the Bay. There was an adorable store next to the chocolate shop filled with all things princess, ballerina and beauty. The girls and I had a hard time not buying anything but I did take the picture of Khaira on the bench outside the shop.

We saved the cable car for our last main activity, riding it almost all the way back to where our car was parked. We all loved the cable car! Especially Kilmeny.

We saw the bridge and it was breathtakingly beautiful with the golden light and the blue water. We spent a bit of time in the national park near there, just soaking up nature to balance out all the city stimulation.

We ended our day with a fabulous Chinese feast, just as the fog rolled in.

San Francisco, you were a good day! 

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Being a Creative and Learning to Sew {giveaway!}







I am a creative. I can’t not make something. And I see everything I do (almost everything, I don’t see creativity in diaper changing) as a creative outlet. Taking pictures, preparing and serving food, creating atmosphere in my home, dressing my girls, writing- these are some of my loves. I can’t draw, paint or sew to save my life.

I grew up with a mum who sewed and I loved sewing with her. My Grandma taught me to sew a straight seam by giving me sheets to hem. I wanted to pass on that same gift to my children but if I’m being really honest, sewing makes me twitchy.

I have embarked on a few projects since being married, I made a rag quilt for each of my girls. I picked out the fabric for a bag (that is always my favourite part!) and I sewed about a quarter of it together. My sister sewed the rest and answered all my frantic questions about bobbins and thread tensions and pedals and all that fun stuff.

I love textures and layers and light and the thrill of seeing a project come to fruition.

And that is why I’m so excited to tell you about my friend’s e-book! It’s called Sewing School 101: Simple Tips to Get You Stitching and it is fantastic! It’s simple, it’s easy to read and very straightforward, even for a wanna be sewer like myself. I like that it is an ebook because I could just set my kindle next to my sewing machine and follow the diagrams.

I read it while traveling and I was inspired. I can’t wait to get home, dig out my sewing machine and start to master this art a little more. And, maybe just maybe I’ll be able to pass on some basic sewing knowledge to my girls. Or at the very least, I have a great reference book for them.

Because I’m sure there’s at least one of you who like me, wants to sew but needs a little help and encouragement, I’m giving away a copy of this book!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And for the rest of you who also want this book, you can buy it here. 


Sewing School 101: on tour

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// all photos taken by me on Galiano Island when I was there for a spa weekend with my sister, one of my absolute favourite ways to be creative while on the road //

//Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I was given this e-book to review. All opinions are my own.//







a portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2014

We went to the beach my uncle recommended, wandered a bit beyond the crowds and found a secluded treasure in the form of a quiet beach. The girls played for hours amidst the rocks and  driftwood, coming back to us only for food and drinks.

Jared and I  read our books that we bought from a great used bookstores, relaxed in the quiet (always remember to put sunscreen on yourself, ask me how I know) and talked about all the big stuff.

It was bliss. 

We’ve been beach-hopping these last few days in Victoria, spending most of the day at the beach, often cooking dinner on the beach and staying there until dark. The girls are going to bed late and sun-kissed. We’re eating meals on the deck, drinking coffee from their vast collection of Starbucks travel mugs and soaking up their travel stories.

It’s been a good few days. 

How was your weekend, friends?

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A Family Beach Photo Shoot













One of my goals for June was to do a family photo shoot on the beach. We spent a week on Vancouver Island with my sister and brother in law and we did not one, but two photo shoots. One was a random, ‘let’s grab some photos on this beach!’ and the other one was planned. I love them both because of what I learned from them.

I’m not a lover of change and I don’t embrace curveballs well (but then, who does?) The holiday was very hard for me because we were supposed to be pregnant and filming a pregnancy announcement to share our happy news with everyone. Instead, we’re not pregnant and I spent several days of our holiday sad and weepy. There is no guarantee of anything in life, but we do have this moment and it is a beautiful one.

I’m so very glad we did do a beach family shoot and I’m so very glad for these precious people I get to share my every day life with. And I’m also glad to have a brother in law who can take photos that I love.

 How do you handle unexpected changes? 


Traveling with Kids: Security Blankets and Sleep Routines


Security Blanket Snuggle Time

Security Blanket and Chilling With a Book

Security Blanket and Snuggles with Mum

Security Blankets and Reading before Bed

Security Blanket after Bedtime Bath

For me, one of the hardest parts about traveling isn’t the packing, the prepping, or even the long hours in the car; it’s the battle for good, quality sleep.

Good quality sleep for me, for my husband, and particularly for our two little girlies. If we can coerce a good night’s sleep from the rigours of a travel schedule, it makes all the other challenges so much more enjoyable, not to mention do-able.

But good quality sleep is not always possible on the road.

We’ve been gone from home and our beds for about six weeks, and there are still about four weeks to go. (Yes, we’re insane.) During the past six weeks, we’ve slept in hotel beds, on air mattresses, in spare rooms and rooms that have been oh-so-hospitably given up for that night.  We’ve had everything from a whole basement suite to ourselves to having the four of us all sleeping in the same room with barely room to walk (but we stayed up so late there, it didn’t matter anyway!) The girls have slept in cute little cubbys, on matching toddler beds (just like at home!), on couch cushions, and their cousins’ bunk beds.

In all the change and craziness, the only thing that has really stayed consistent is our nightly bedtime routine, and the comforting presence of two slightly worn out, soft, fuzzy blankets. Security blankets.

I tried to pack light on this trip, knowing well that we would be in a ton of different houses and new places. And while I didn’t want the fuss of carting a ton of stuff, these two blankets were high priority.

They provide that little piece of home for our girls; that priceless feeling of security amidst the constant change of the open road.  The security of having that same feeling every night, that exact same peculiar smell, and when all else fails; the ability to throw that little piece of security over your head when the rest of the world is just too overwhelming. Dropcam can also give another sense of feeling secure when you’re on the road by knowing what’s happening back at home or in the next room.

So when bedtime comes around, no matter where we are, we’ve gathered close as a little family (blankets included!) hugged each other close, and we all take our turn saying bedtime prayers. With the blankets tucked tight, we borrow a book from our hosts’ bookshelves, or read one off the Kindle. Then the two girls get tucked in (wherever it is that they are sleeping for that night) and we cover them up with those two special blankets.

We sometimes sing to them for a bit, rub little feet and little backs, and answer that “just one more” last question. And while we’ve tried different tactics, such as a white-noise machine, or an essential oil diffuser (I want one for my bedroom!) we’ve always had the blankets…

Finally, they settle down and fall asleep, cuddled close with that little piece of home that keeps them feeling safe and secure, no matter where we are.

What does your sleep routine with your kidlets (or yourself!) look like? Do your kids have a special blanket, toy, or teddy bear that helps them feel safe, or at home?

// This post was written as part of a fun campaign with Dropcam, who asked me to write about children’s security blankets. All opinions are mine. //









a portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2014

Homemade popsicles, skinned knees, and wet bathing suits hanging over the shower rod. Sun-kissed shoulders and flocks of freckles popping out. All day outside play and going to sleep while the sun is still out.

These are the things I remember and I get so much joy in giving my girls the same kind of childhood summer. They are at such a fun age right now, intense and exhausting but really fun.

Their imagination is at full steam right now (we drew surfboards with chalk after visiting the beach and they’ve been ‘surfing’ all week long) and I love being part of their stories.

What are some of your favourite summer traditions?

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6 Lessons Learned from 6 Weeks on the Road

1. Things Will Go Wrong

I’ve mixed up dates- arriving  a day later or a day earlier then originally planned. I’ve booked and rebooked times with friends, trying to figure out all of our schedules a month or two in advance. I got sick at the very start of our trip which made my goal of travelling well a lot harder. Our littlest has struggled with separation anxiety in a way that she hasn’t for over a year, making it a big deal whenever I leave her sight. There have been meltdowns, homesickness and stressful situations- just like in normal home life.



2. Things Will Go Very Right

We’ve had so many stellar visits. I’ve had such deep happiness reconnecting with old friends and family -picking up right where we left off, just with our kidlets a couple years older or meeting a spouse. We’ve had some great coffee and food experiences- always a win in our books.  I have been blown away by the hospitality we’ve been shown from a dress up trunk for my girls to play with to chocolate on pillows to cozy corners to baby-sitting for date nights to thoughtful gestures, it’s been really fantastic. I could write a whole post on hospitality and being a guest! The girls have travelled  better then I expected and have adjusted reasonably well to a constantly changing routine. They have made friends everywhere and are at a fun and easy age to please – playgrounds and cake pops make their day!


3.  Beauty is Found Everywhere

The mountains are breathtaking. We couldn’t stop craning our necks and taking it all in from the rock cliffs to the snow-capped tops to the light glinting off all the craggy surfaces. Then there was the rolling hills of farmland and yellow dandelions dotting the green grass everywhere. The flat prairie with its sagebrush and rocks and brilliant skies. And the water! Whether its a river, mountain lake or the ocean, I am drawn to it all. I love the details in the shells and the wildflowers and the big panoramic views that are nearly impossible to capture on the camera.


4. Even in Beauty, there is Hard

It’s been a hard season. I’ve shared some previously about my miscarriage but there’s also some of our story that is heavy and hard and not our story to share publicly. We’ve been in a lot of beautiful places and made some great memories but whatever your hard is, travel doesn’t erase it all. But it does help.


5. Traveling with Little Ones is Both Super Fun and Stressful

I have absolutely loved introducing our girls to old haunts and old friends. They’ve seen real mountains (they really don’t have mountains in Nova Scotia), played in the Pacific Ocean, grown friendly again with cows and chickens at their grandparents’ farms, enjoyed my aunt’s backyard just like I did when I was their age and slept in a lot of different beds. All the behaviour struggles we have at home have come out in a myriad of ways, there were meltdowns on the Boston transit station (and almost every other public transit we’ve been on), they’ve stayed up way past their bedtime (read: hyper and grumpy, sometimes at the same time) and have asked for home a lot sooner than I thought they would.




6. Traveling Pushes You Past Comfort Zones and Enriches Your Life

I knew this. We spent the first six months of our marriage travelling overseas and it was the best decision we could have made. We love traveling and showing our girls different cultures, even within North America. I love seeing how other mums manage their homes. I get inspired by their decor and life choices. We’ve shared tea and tears and thought about life from different perspectives. My girls have made lots of new ‘best’ friends. We love a forced very simple lifestyle- a few clothes, a few books and a few toys. We don’t really miss all our stuff back home. And we’ve proven all those pithy sayings about how memories trump things and surrounding yourself with a few beautiful things is really best.

What have you learned from your travels?